How Technology Helps Measure Soccer Statistics and Tactics

With this form of technology, it has become possible to make comparisons over players or events that took place years or decades apart

Stadium. Image by David Mark from Pixabay

In the modern technological world, every piece of data seems valuable. In sports, and in soccer to be precise, collecting accurate data from the statistics to the tactics employed by different teams is vital for a number of reasons. Squawka is a known web application that solely deals with tactical analysis, and provides a platform for both real-time and post-event stats. In short, it captures everything that takes place around the pitch. Data captured includes; ball possession, shots on and off target, passes completed, shot accuracy, chances created, aerial duels, tackles, or individual player stats among other stats.

Another tool used on the site is the comparison matrix tasked with looking at data over an entire season. For fans who love English Premier League betting with Betway, have a lot of things are considered before placing a bet, but with these sophisticated tools, it is a lot different. What happens is that a number of teams can be selected before the beginning of a season for comparison of the stats they are interested in. The final display is filtered either based on the overall performance throughout the season, or an average per game.

How is the data collected?

Essentially, it is the credibility of the data collected and its source that matters most. Opta is the prime data source that supplies to websites like Squawka and other top site, but who is Opta?

Opta is an exclusive sports data firm that collects, packages, analyzes, and does all the
distribution of live data. A trio of performance analysts is assigned the data collection process, with one of them covering the home team, another one handling the away team, while the third analysts is tasked with checking for any inconsistency in the assembled data. To ensure optimal data accuracy, a full post-match is carried out within 48 hours.

To capture every detail, analysts use their proprietary software where a live video feed of an event is put. They use special hotkeys for every occurrence on the pitch through tagging or tracking to record both the activity, and the time it takes place. It is the consistency of the data that allows for players to be compared using similar parameters.

With this form of technology, it has become possible to make comparisons over players or events that took place years or decades apart. For example, thanks to this technology, players from different World Cup tournaments can easily be compared as all the data has been safely stored, and it cannot be compromised.

Improving the modern game

Keen followers of the big European leagues understand how the tussle for big signings is based on these statistics. Coaches are influenced into making enquiries based on how their targets performed over a season, or on a particular match. Similarly, different coaches employ different tactics depending on the magnitude of matches, and it is the same data that is used to gauge the most suited players for a particular playing pattern. Betway soccer betting fans are also known to follow the same


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