Canada Will Get Biggest Stadium For E-sports

E-sport fans believe that Toronto should be the host city for the biggest stadium in the Esports industry because the town has many things to offer to tourists.

Canada’s government decided to get another stadium for E-sports in the country. What’s so exciting about the stadiums of E-sport and I-Gaming? Well, there have been big entertaining venues in digital gaming. There have been many stadiums related to E-sports around the world, but Canada will have the biggest one. Vancouver (one of the cities of Canada) already has a medium-sized e-sports stadium. It was opened back in June of 2019, and owners of the stadium has seen a massive growth since then.

E-sports have grown in last year because of betting options.

As you may know, people can bet on esports for the previous two years. The biggest brand’s names in I-gambling and casino industry decided to offer the bet in esports. Industry connects the digital tournaments between the international players. There have been e-sport tournaments in Counter-Strike, Fifa, Pro Evolution soccer, etc.

Betting was the best way to grow interest in esports. The digital tournaments and stadiums to attend the events may sound bold, but actual interest comes from drive and motivation. When the person can bet on their favorite e-sport team, then interest doubles and makes the environment better.

Canada was one of the first countries to allow the local gaming operators to offer the bet on esports. Field experts believe that esports bets are on the way of significant popularity as football bets or casino slots. In Canada, people think that betting will be the main choice in esports tournaments as it gets more traction through Canadians.

Canadians love to play online casino slots for real money. Along with horse racing, casino slots are top-rated through locals. Even gaming tourist gets very popular because of the casino and slot options that people have in Canada. Canadians believe that E-sport bets will be as popular as casino slots in 2020. It should be a considerable growth gap for E-sports, and experts are waiting for game-changer year.

Statistics show that interest in casino slots is growing every year. E-sport leader entities want to have the same success rate in betting as casino slots. Gambling in general is very popular in Canada and it leads to serious contribution not only to companies but also to the economy of the country. 

The first stadium in Canada was a huge success

In June of 2019, The Pacific Northwest opened the first e-sport stadium in Vancouver. The city is not the biggest and flashy in the country, but tourists’ rate has grown over the last two quarters. The local government believes that the growth of tourists’ number is directly related to the popularity of esports. The stadium could already host different tournaments of Counter-Strike and FIFA 19.

The first stadium can host only medium size tournaments. That’s why the company’s representatives decided to give a try to long-run tournaments. In the middle of August, Stadium has hosted the tournament in Counter-Strike, and it lasted for 12 weeks. As the attendants note, it was the most intense long-run tournament in counter strike. Till the end of the year, The Pacific Northwest could host another tournament in Fortnite and League of Legends.

The stadium in Vancouver can only host up to 400 spectators. It has different gaming venues that are related to particular games. For example, the stadium has ten venues where you can only play Counter-Strike because of the specific equipment. The stadium has related rooms for Fifa, Fortnite, League of Legends, etc.

The government wants to build the biggest e-sport stadium

Canada has everything ready to start building the biggest e-sports stadium in the world. Vancouver’s stadium has shown a significant interest not only from locals but also from tourists. Canadians believe that e-sport holds the key to futuristic sports, and it will be a way popular by the end of the next decade.

A representative of The Pacific Northwest noted that stadiums could host different tournaments, but they can allow more than 400 fans to attend it. Canada has the friendliest legal framework for I-gaming entities. The country has already approved the gambling platforms to allow betting on esports. At the same time, video gaming developers are contributing to the country’s economy more than any other state can get. Everything leads to an authentic question – what Canadians are waiting for? E-sport fans believe that Toronto should be the host city for the biggest stadium in the Esports industry because the town has many things to offer to tourists. Don’t forget that Ubisoft and BioWave have offices in Toronto, and it will be ten times easier to get interested in regular tourists.



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