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Gambling is a game of luck, whether you’re playing at the casinos, betting on a football match or watching horse racing and wagering on the winner. But some activities in the world of betting are better suited to making money than others. Here are a few of the top moneymakers in the world of gambling that you should consider if you want to be successful.

Value Betting

Value bettors are typically experts at a particular sport or activity – they know all there is to know about it and often even more than the bookies. Value betting is about taking the information and analysing it to create your own odds. If the odds are considerably different from what the bookies come up with, they bet the difference. Value betting can be a big earner in the world of gambling if you’re good at it and it’s also one of the purest forms of betting – there are no loopholes or tricks. You simply gamble by betting the bookies at their own game. However, value betting takes time and it’s not a quick way to make cash. Betting exchanges are often the best friend of a value bettor and it can be a big moneymaker once your know-how.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting involves finding the differences between the odds at different bookmakers and betting on all outcomes to generate a profit. Sports betting is where much of the money is made when it comes to this style of betting. For example, imagine that there is a tennis match and one bookmaker has odds on one player to win while another opts for the second player to win. If the difference in these odds is large enough, you can place a bet with both bookmakers on opposing players, so you earn a profit regardless of who wins.


Skill-based gamblers can make a lot of money through playing poker and it’s one of the best-known ways of making money in gambling. Many professional gamblers are poker players, but it can also be one of the hardest ways of earning an income in this industry. The key to earning money in poker is being better than your competition and that takes skill, research and experience. Because the better your opponent is, the smaller the amount of profit you’re going to make. If you’re keen to get started in poker, learning the strategies is your first step. You can also start playing online poker to practice your skills and get experience. Just remember to start slow, playing low-value tables and working your way up.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is a big business, with football tips and horse racecards at every turn, its leading the way in terms of punters placing bets. If you know your sport well and are willing to do your research into the data, sports betting can be a fun activity with great earning potential. But those who make money this way are those who are happy to do their research and strategies accordingly.



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