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Graphic design and logo design is a necessity in today’s world to keep up and get ahead of the digital game, and even the greatest graphic designers would not be able to display they’re full talents without the software needed to match their talents. The necessary software can carry tools from super easy to use, up to majorly advanced, and sometimes both are needed. Each designer is different and may prefer a different software, so with that being said, here are some of the most recommended graphic design software programs of 2020.

Affinity Design Software

Affinity is ultimately a replacement for DrawPlus X8 and has a wide range of tools to utilize in order to get tasks done. The most appealing thing with Affinity is that it is light on the pocket, coming in at $49.99 to purchase and use. Many say that Affinity is a cheaper, yet great substitute for Adobe Illustrator. Editors from beginning to advanced can operate the software in order to get things done, and it runs at a fast pace – even when building with layers – and Affinity comes with the ability to use clouds.


runs fast


beginners can use it

cloud functionality


doesn’t have all of Adobe Illustrator’s tools

beginners can only go so far without further learning

Inkscape Design Software

A quick look at a cost-free software, is that of Inkscape. Inkscape offers a good variety of tools but is most noted for being able to work with several curve types and the manipulating of texts. If you are looking for something that isn’t included in the original download, Inkscape comes equipped with the ability to add extension tools to take your design even further. A big downside, is that the program renders quite often when working with layers and more complex designs, which shows that while free works well enough, it often comes with its own unique price. That being said, this software is also not recommended for beginners.  



ability to interact with an online community

many tools and filters


slow running, rendering

not for beginners

Sketch Design Software

Coming in at $59 – $99 per year (number of devices), Sketch is a great software for beginners that focuses on web, logos and interface design, but is not usually suitable for print projects. Designers using Sketch have the ability to make and display compositions that they can play live for viewing in various situations. Most designers using Sketch also mainstream Apple devices so it is convenient for those that are Apple users. Sketch is also reported to have a very friendly user interface for those devices, which is what makes it one of the best graphic design options available. 


easy to use

lower cost 


only available for Mac

not meant for print

Gravit Design Software 

Gravit comes with a free and pro version, so users can choose how deep they want to delve into the software itself, and is also useful for beginners. The pro version comes in at $49 per year for those who want to pay for the software. Gravit offers local downloads for the software, while also offering a cloud to work on – although it has been said that the cloud runs minutely slower that the local file download itself. Many users are appeased with the layout, as it is something you are able to customize to your own liking.



customization available for layout

dual download options

free option


cloud may run slow

must buy pro for all features

Adobe Photoshop Software 

Adobe is perhaps the biggest name on the market for graphic programs and is able to be used by designers, beginning and advanced. Adobe Photoshop comes with an array of tools, tricks, and in stock designs to create the most unique of works, and rings it at $9.99-$52.99 per month – depending on your preferences. While it seems a bit pricey, Adobe does offer special prices for teachers and students.

Adobe has been around for years and is used by graphic designers all over the world. They have evolved with technology and have become a powerhouse when it comes to designing logos, websites, brochures or anything else design related.


amount off tools available

for beginners and advanced use

discounts for students


unique interface

buggy updates

not meant for vector design

Logomyway – No Software Download and No Sign up Online Logo Maker

If you want a no download, no signup logo maker option, this website called logomyway can help with that. They have an online logo maker that allows you to make your own logo in about 10 minutes. Type in your company name into the box and hit “Next”. You will see many logo options to choose from. You can edit the logo using the editing tool. You can alter the fonts and colors of the logo design until you are satisfied. After you make your logo you can instantly download the logo files and begin to use your new logo. It’s free to use the logo generator but you will need to pay a fee to download the vector files.

Adobe Illustrator

If vector design is your thing and you still want to use Adobe, Adobe Illustrator will cost you the same as Adobe Photoshop. The price difference seems to be the use of the cloud feature. With so many available tools and options on Adobe illustrator, the software may take some time to get to know and is recommended for advanced users as opposed to beginners. This software is probably the most popular among logo designers for designing logos.


many available tools

could feature

precise editing


not for beginners

takes time to get to learn the interface


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