Tito Mboweni Calls For Referundum Over Struggling SOEs, Twitter Divided

Tito Mboweni
Tito Mboweni. Image source: pintrest

Finance minister Tito Mboweni has sparked a debate on Twitter, after he called on Mzansi citizens to debate on whether we should continue to bailout SOEs or invest the Public’s tax money on roads and other public goods.

Mboweni, who is known as Tweeto Mboweni on the social media site, said: “I mean, REALLY?!! Let’s have a public debate!”

In another tweet, Mboweni added:”We must develop a democratic system in which ISSUES of NATIONAL importance & NOT party political significance are dealt with. In a proper democracy,a public debate must held leading to a REFERENDUM!!Let the Prople decide not the Politburo!The CITIZENS!! We the PEOPLE must decide!”

Many people welcomed Mboweni’s remarks, while some criticised him.

This is what Tweeps had to say:


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