Buy Cheaper Honda Jazz 2020

If you are thinking of buying a Honda Jazz do not lose sight of our guide to buying small cars where we detail all the options of the segment.

Honda Jazz 2020
Honda Jazz 2020

The great novelty of the fourth generation Honda Jazz is that it will have a petrol hybrid engine. An unprecedented engine in the Honda range that will have the e-HEV designation and that, in essence, will be a scale configuration of the hybrid engine used by cars such as the Honda CR-V Hybrid. This approach, which for the moment Honda has barely provided details, leaves us with a gasoline engine combined with two electric motors, one of them acting as a propellant and the other as a generator.

With this 3-engine configuration, the Honda Jazz 2020 hybrid can operate in different propulsion modes: 100% electric, serial hybrid or parallel hybrid. As an important detail, this configuration also makes it possible to dispense with a gearbox, combining the operation of electric propeller and thermal propeller depending on the speed needs.

Honda Jazz 2020
Honda Jazz 2020

How’s Honda Jazz Look?

Honda Jazz 2020  joins the fashion of the utility with crossover appearance. The interior design of the Honda Jazz is a clear commitment to functionality. We find a digital instrument panel and a multimedia system with easy screen inserted in the dashboard. This interface is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, in order to improve ergonomics and minimize distractions, Jazz maintains physical controls for the air conditioner or different vehicle functions.

The possibilities of interior space are the strongest point of Jazz, so it is worth noting the design of the rear bench seat (Honda Magic Seats) with the possibility of folding the seat on the backrest, thus leaving a completely open space in the rear seats. Ideal to accommodate large objects such as bicycles or baby carriages.

Honda has recently presented us with a facelift for the Honda Jazz, a restyling that is already in promotion leaving us with a Honda Jazz that approaches the competitive segment of small cars, segment B, with some lack of grip if we have in Account that faces models of the size of the Renault Clio or the Seat Ibiza. Its main argument is its good habitability, but what about the promoted version? Can you tempt us with its price, let’s have a look visit

Despite Being Promoted the Honda Jazz Still has an Uncompetitive Price

This Honda Jazz in promotion has a promoted price of 14,250 euros, curiously without resorting to financing or being necessary to deliver a used car, usual practices when it comes to promoted units. Without this promotion this Honda Jazz would have a starting price of 16,800 euros that leaves it practically out of the fight for the utility segment.

The discounts extend throughout the range, but today we will focus on the Trend finish, on the access finish that leaves us with a cheaper Honda Jazz.

Honda Jazz Rivals Include names such as Seat Ibiza or Renault Clio

The model on offer, the aforementioned Honda Jazz with the Trend finish, has the petrol engine 1.3 I-VTEC of 102 hp and a modest equipment in which the air conditioning, the multimedia system with 5-inch screen, the Bluetooth connection stands out, the USB socket and the cruise control. In addition, if you prefer automatic you can equip a CVT change, increasing its price to 15,250 euros.

Obviously, it is an expensive utility, with an uncompetitive price in the segment where most models not only offer us a better relationship between price and equipment but also offers us a slightly lower perception of quality, both rolling and interior finishes. Its main virtue, as we mentioned, is the good use of its cabin and a good trunk within the standards of its segment, with 354 liters.

Do Not Miss Our Small Car Buying Guide

If you are thinking of buying a Honda Jazz do not lose sight of our guide to buying small cars where we detail all the options of the segment.

A version of the Honda Jazz that follows in the footsteps of many other utilities, who have seen in the features of the crossover an economical and effective solution to offer more attractive versions. In the case of the Honda Jazz X-Road the differences with respect to any other Honda Jazz reside essentially in the aesthetic, and not in the practical, more information you can find by visit


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