Top 5 Best Paying Jobs in SA Right Now 

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It’s not about how much money you earn, but rather about your happiness. Ever heard that line before?

Even though happiness should always be a factor when making a job decision, why can’t we be happy whilst filling our pockets with dosh?

So many people spend many years in jobs that they are unhappy in, whilst still not being compensated for accordingly.

Whether you’re in high school deciding which profession to go into, thinking of a career change or just curious, we explore some of South Africa’s top jobs according to Career Junction’s job data.

  1. IT (Systems and Network Administration)

The online data and networking space has become a booming industry to practice in and big companies are willing to dish out dollars for employees who find themselves with this job description. IT senior management on average has an earning potential of between R50 and R60k at the moment.

  1. Engineering

Engineers use science and math to design or make things. If logical thinking, problem solving and building things is your strength, then engineering is definitely a field to consider venturing into.

If you prove yourself in the industry, you could find yourself earning as much as R80k per month. This is at senior level, however, the potential to earn some decent dosh is there.

Engineers residing in Gauteng will most likely earn up to 4% above the average salary for this type of job, while KZN engineers may fall 20% below average in earnings.

  1. Sales

According to Career Junction, salespeople can earn above average salaries if they get into the knack of sales. It really does depend on how good you are at sales, as many sales positions are solely based on commission. You may very well end up in a different tax bracket to the guy sitting next to you doing the same job if you can sell someone ice in winter. Working for a big company in their sales department could provide you with some excellent benefits and commission as well as a decent starting salary.

  1. Financial Accountant

If managing other people’s money is your thing, you could find yourself in a well-funded industry. Financial accountants earn roughly R40k per month, making it one of the best paying salaries in the country at present.

The potential to earn big in the field is there if you are a Chartered Accountant, as you could be earning above R50k per month.

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