After more than five years of connecting domestic workers with clients for homes and businesses, SweepSouth, the online cleaning service, is diversifying its offering to customers with the launch of SweepSouth Outdoor.

With bookings currently available through the SweepSouth website – with the app soon to be updated – SweepSouth clients in Johannesburg and Cape Town can now book an Outdoor SweepStar to assist with outdoor necessities whether it be gardening, pool cleaning, making sure that the outside of your windows are sparkling clean or even helping with carrying boxes when moving.

SweepSouth is looking to launch the service in Durban and Pretoria in the next few weeks.

As with the traditional SweepSouth service, SweepSouth Outdoor will be providing clients with trusted, reliable, vetted outdoor cleaners, to assist with the current offering of gardening, exterior window cleaning, outdoor cleaning, and moving help. Similar to how SweepSouth functions, SweepSouth Outdoor can be ordered as an on-demand or regular service. Users will simply choose the number of hours as well as tasks needed to be completed.


Launched in 2014, SweepSouth has created work opportunities for more than 20 000 previously unemployed and underemployed domestic workers and will be looking to do the same with its Outdoor service.

Fairwork is a collaboration between the universities of Cape Town, the Western Cape, Manchester, and Oxford, aimed at ranking working conditions and standards in the gig economy.

According to Fairwork, SweepSouth is noted for the fair treatment of people finding work through its platform. In addition to receiving points for fair pay, management and contracts, Fairwork has also noted that SweepSouth actively improved working conditions by providing work-related insurance, and by facilitating worker voice mechanisms on the platform.




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