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Why do you worry about social media visitors?

Based on Statista data, revealed in May 2019, these are the following approximate number of active users in various social media networks: Facebook has 1,415,000,000 users, LinkedIn has 347,000,000 users, Google+ has 300,000,000, while Twitter has 288,000,000 users. All these numbers are tremendous numbers. Just to compare: The US population is about 300,000,000. And there are all these social media users, just on the other side of your screen!

Every day you were able to blog, automate your content, broaden your audience via email and RSS, and just wait. And the approach has worked perfectly. Right now, it’s the social media age. Today social media controls 31.24 percent of all web traffic according to research.

You just need to adjust and use all the resources available to get visitors to your website. The crazy amount of traffic is what we all secretly crave. The following tips will help you improve Social Media traffic levels. So if you find that social media is too mainstream in this article, there’s nothing for you. If it offers what you need, let’s go on!

1.  Create catchy content

Better said than done, right? Yet there are tons of articles and studies on what makes it contagious to the material. But, keeping it simple: if it can make people feel the urge to share it with their friends and followers, the material will go viral. The content practically spreads itself without the side making any effort.

People will likely share the material when it is: Valuable or practical as the reader profits from what he is hearing, he will share this useful knowledge with his friends. This will also inflate his self-importance as he will be the one to share with his friends and follows a piece of wise advice.

Most of us write about serious issues. But you can’t always see a sad face! Attach a little joke, a funny photo, and the reader gets a break and at least smiles. Blogging isn’t writing scientific papers, right?

Add any strange facts or figures. The aim is to say “Wow” by your reader. He’ll be trying to amaze his friends and followers with something that shocked him.

I am a firm believer that it is a hit-and-miss to create original viral content. During their attempts to create something viral, giant companies like Google have stumbled quite often. Therefore I usually look for viral content concepts. If it worked for another person, it should work for me as well.

2.  Build your ideas on trending ones

You can ask yourself a simple question before you start producing the content. There’s a way this can be noticed. Thousands of shares on Facebook and Twitter are what you want. Play a bit with searching trending topics and make sure you have chosen the best one. Don’t just slip to the snatch. You are just looking for ideas, remember!

3.  Video content is hot in the market

A plain text itself isn’t the thing people like to read, though visualized content can give the blog more traffic. Visual information is far better viewed than plain text. But there is another advantage you can reap from visuals: they can be posted by your post alone.

Videos offer more visualization, and visuals are the best way to absorb any information as compared to other forms of content. People just have to click on the video to understand what you are saying while in text format, they would have to read everything.

4.  Place attractive buttons to share your posts

It is nothing but normal that your blog post will not be viewed by all of your followers. But, if there is a little bit in it that attracts the interest of your fans, they may want to share it. That is the opportunity that you shouldn’t fail! Offer your readers the chance to share a bite of your material, not just the full post!

And each such single share will have a connection to your message. It’s the same for you, whether they posted the entire post or its crack. What you’re really doing is inserting more buttons to display your article in a tidy and discreet way. Sharing videos and clicking on quotations to tweet is certainly what you need! There are plenty of options in your posts to create shareable photos. They are pretty simple, but they increase the chances of sharing the content. In reality, there is not much to clarify.

Use a backlink maker to create backlinks in your content, which will redirect more traffic to your blog.

You can find a lot of WordPress plugins if you are WordPress for your blogs. There are plugins available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and almost every popular social media site to share your post on these platforms. You can insert a beautiful and attractive button with a catchy sound that can make your readers share your post or a picture in your post. It can hugely impact your traffic because if your readers are sharing your posts, it means there are more views and more traffic.

5.  Ask your readers to share your post

It’s quite interesting why many people don’t use call-to-action content. They may be a little shy, but you should not be shy when it comes to your own business. I am confident that you are oriented toward efficiency. And, if you just inquire, you’ll risk nothing.

If you would like more traffic, just ask for it for your readers. Encourage your readers to write comments, respond to their inquiries, move them gently in the right direction, and ask them to share your posts.

Would you know what a kid does if he or she needs to have ice cream? Will you press for it! So why are grown-ups avoiding that option? It doesn’t work anywhere in your life, of course, but when there are gigantic quantities of possible ice cream traffic around, why not ask? What if the only reason your followers need to press a Share button is your call-to-action? So, ask for it. There is nothing to hesitate, and there is not a single reason to shy for asking your readers to share your posts.

Wrapping Up

When selling your content, always think of the power of social media. I’m pretty confident this trend will continue to grow. Statistics I have provided above are proof that you can get thousands and millions of traffic on your blog from social media networks.

I’m sure every one of you in this article finds something helpful. If you enjoy it, post your comments, and don’t forget to share this post. And don’t ever forget to insert backlinks in your blog.


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