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COVID-19. Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

The South African lockdown restrictions may only be lifted somewhere between the end of June and the end of August, according to Rapport newspaper.

The newspaper quoting a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said new COVID-19  infections in South Africa will only peak at the beginning of June.

The National Coronavirus Command Council decided to enforce a 21-day nation-wide lockdown with effect from midnight Thursday 26 March 2020, until midnight on Thursday 16 April 2020.

In a televised address to the nation, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the lockdown is necessary in order to save lives in light of the Coronavirus.

Last week, Ramaphosa said in his weekly letter that it is now abundantly clear that the most effective way for a society to contain the spread of the disease is for the population to remain at home and physically isolated from each other for at least several weeks.

“And it is important that this lockdown and all other emergency measures are both strictly adhered to and consistently enforced.”

Furthermore, Netcare, one of South Africa’s largest private hospital groups, said it is fully supportive of the 21-day nationwide lockdown in order to ‘flatten the curve’ and lower the communal spread of COVID-19.

“However, our modelling suggests that, as has been experienced in other countries and depending on the effectiveness of the lockdown, it will require on-going evaluation to determine if the time period is sufficient to achieve its intended goals.”

Netcare has spent R150 million to enhance the readiness of its ICU/High Care facilities, including purchasing additional ventilators, ultraviolet light disinfection robots and specialised air filters to ensure appropriate disinfection measures. For more read: Netcare Will Treat COVID-19 Public Patients in its Facilities

More than two billion people around the world are in some form of lockdown or self-isolation.

In South Africa, the situation remains extremely concerning given the levels of population density in certain geographical areas, a factor which is further exacerbated by the significant proportion of the population who are immune-compromised.

As we enter the winter season in which approximately 19% of South Africans contract Influenza or the Flu virus, the situation may worsen.

BCG Statement

A BCG working document from more than a week ago, illustrating one scenario of how the COVID-19 virus might progress, has been circulating publicly without context or authorization from BCG. As clearly stated throughout the document, the presentation is not intended to constitute or substitute for medical or safety advice. Nor should it be seen as a formal endorsement of or recommendation for a particular response. The scenario and projections contained in the document vary by 100-1,000x, and reflect one range of possible outcomes, with clear recognition of how things may unfold differently.

This document does not represent an official BCG view and has not been authorized for public or media release by BCG. Press outlets citing the document have subsequently run corrections to clarify the above.

In supporting our clients in public and private sectors, BCG regularly does scenario planning for a range of issues. We analyze internally and externally gathered data to formulate these scenarios, and the data requires daily updates, given how fast the situation is changing.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented humanitarian and economic crisis. BCG continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19, and our priority remains the health and well-being of our people, our clients, and the communities where we operate. We are committed to doing our part to contribute—and will stand by and support our private and public sector clients throughout this crisis.


  1. If they lockdown this country until June, it will be the end of the country. We have a small company that is considered “non-essential” (IT). There is no way we will be able to keep our doors open – we will declare bankruptcy and lay off all our staff. We are not the only ones in this boat – many friends of mine are saying the same thing – some of them own businesses far more successful than ours. I think the Government is being really stupid and I foresee massive civil unrest if they extend this lockdown. Surely it makes far more sense to isolate and protect the most vulnerable – and let the rest of the country get back to work?

    • Hi Shelley I am also doing IT work and we work from home. Its not necessary to be able to go to people to still stay in business. You cannot expect other people to get sick while you are worrying about keeping your doors open. The government that you say is ‘stupid’ is making plans so that a company like yours can get your employees salaries paid. Nedbank also offers solutions to provide some salary for the employees in this situation.

        • It is unfortunate that if the economy fails, many lives will be affected and people will die from starvation instead

      • Nicely put, guyz we need to pray. Let’s do this instead of de criticism.
        Our government our leadership need our prayers. God bless and be with you all.

        • i agree with you Cordell,this effects the world ,no amount of money can bye life.we should be grateful four our leader,just imagine if Jacob zuma was still ruling what would have happened to us.whats happening now is not our leaders fault ,he is doing his best,we need to stand together at a time like light and blessings to all

    • We are approaching flue season now “may-june-july-august” lockdown must be extended to save humanity.Now is time for you to choose between life and your business, which one will you go for? 🤨

      • @levianthanc @elsie understand you’re responding to shelley’s case specifically but surely you understand that when people’s money runs out, for most of us in the ‘informal’ economy with no credit, assets or whatever else professional corporates have, that buffer is not much longer than a week or two, they’re/we’re not going to be able to access food and without gardens of nutrition and medicine, how do you think that goes? i dont know what your experience of life is or your understanding of the basic needs of an organism and the psychology relating to that but things are going to get nice and funky, which includes coming over your wall so to speal

        capitalism and especially capitalism in africa is going to show how redundant it is if billionaires suits extend lockdown. also, the sheer mass of people is only born and buoyed by this same materialism so it follows, imo, that masses struggle and die when it does

      • If we really wanna see the results of the national lockdown, we need to be discipline and stop thinking that we are staying indoors to please our government. It must into our minds that we are doing this for ourselves therefore let’s obey the rules and be disciplined

    • My daughter went to visit her dad in Cape Town for the school holidays, she is almost 10, when we found out about the lockdown she could not return home to Jhb. I will loose my mind. I need my daughter to come home, how can I live without my daughter for so long? I feel ill just thinking about the lockdown. There has to be a way to get my daughter home can anyone please let me know how I can find a sollution. Im heartbroken everyday.

      • I think you can go to police station and make an affidavit stating that you want to get your daughter back and hire someone to assist you if you dnt have a transport I don’t know or its gonna work I never been in capetown

      • Hi Lana, i feel your pain. I am in the same situation…. I am also stuck in cape town and my 3 kids are at home in Johannesburg! I dont know what i will do if they extend, i just want to get back to my husband and my babies, then they can continue with the lockdown. Please let me know if you find a way to get your daughter to jhb. Keep safe.

    • Well i would rather shut my doors and know that i was part of trying to save lives and loved ones than been sellfish and go to work have you done your research of how manny lifes are taken by this virus or do you care more about your business than vulnereble lifes and other peoples loved ones the goverment is trying to protect this country by the lockdown you can work from home called an app or whatsoever to online fix peoples pc i mean thats how many do it i have a friend who does it like that from home unless he has to fix hardware so stop been so sellfish and think about other peoples lifes childrens lifes that filling your own pocket

    • It make sense what u say . So what if one of your staff contact the virus at work or on the way to work and then go home to there family’s and they get it and they go to work and to school and they give it to there family’s and just because you where worried about your business now hundreds of people have infected there moms dads children would you sleep knowing you could have it

    • Hi Shelly, I am in exactly the same boat as you with a small business, and I understand you frustrations that you and your staff have no form of income during this pandemic, while farmers, shop workers and all other emergency workers still have an income, and we don’t. I feel it is very necessary to have the lockdown as prescribed, by government as we all need to assist to help and bring the numbers down for long term survival of all. Let us rather be more productive and help look for solutions.
      Maybe government could give a directive to all financial institutions to extend loan periods, and suspend, or put on hold monthly utility, bond and loans, until the pandemic is over.
      If this doesn’t happen, I agree matters will deteriorate, as people will loose homes, and crime will esculate, as people need to feed their families. If people don’t have food the lockdown will not stop hungry people.
      Let’s help by being positive and work toward solutions.

    • Who cares about bankruptcy. You can’t take it with you. You just start over again. Not the end of the world. Keep your lives and childrens lives. We are all in it together.

  2. shtelley jackson i feel for you however how csn you day the government is stupid this is not a government thing and I think you comments sre I’ll thought and you ate stupid you are selfish fin another income source and stop playing the blame game people like you should be locked up the lockdown may be extended by another 4 moths precisely because of the attitude of people like you

  3. shelley jackson i feel for you however how can you say the government is stupid this is not a government thing and I think your comments are I’ll thought and you are stupid and selfish find another income source and stop playing the blame game people like you should be locked up. the lockdown may be extended by another 4 moths precisely because of the attitude of people like you. I have a few businesses but have to accept the inevitable dont you have a reserve fund or do you spend your profits buying flashy vehicles on credit.

    • Algorithms is step by step process of creating a system that will solve problems. U are an it company, with It u can still work remotely wherever u are. This is an opportunity for u as It company. Create kind of system that will detect air pollution. This task u can still share it with ur team and do combine the code after. Then look for clients to support ur product instead of u saying bad about the government that is trying to protect the life of millions people. U need people to use it system or u need people to be there in order for u to render a service to. Therefore keep quiet if u are out of idea or or innovation.

  4. Who is the journalist that wrote this article and what is the source of your information? If based on fact, this nation will have a massive economic catastrophe. If speculative, don’t do this. Rather focus on mature, factual reporting. This nation, and the world, is overwhelmed by the coronavirus situation and there is no place for sensationalism during these challenging times. We must be realistic, but remain clam and continue to do our best; every moment of every day. This is how we shall best survive and create the best possible future for our ourselves, individually and collectively. Stay Safe, wise and mature.

    • I agree, can we not use speculations in these trying times. We are all vulnerable at this stage! Let’s trust God!\!\!

      • Amen to that we need to stop to panic and pray to God because he can not give us something which is bigger than us we will fight this virus if we stand together remember he is bigger than anything

  5. Save an already faltering economy or save lives! Either which way the government decides to go it will not end well. Right now if you can work remotely or from home then cease the opportunity and make the most of it. I know its easier said than done but its the only way right now.

    We are all in this boat that tossed around in this sea of uncertainty but lives are way more important. A catch 22 situation and the decisions taken now will affect every single one of us for the foreseeable future.
    If you believe in God, PRAY!

  6. Unfortunately Covid is not picky who gets this . Old young wealthy and inbetween have died. Your Govt needs to lock down the most affected areas and everybody need to social isolate.

  7. I agree with Shelley Jackson’s response. Unemployment will sky-rocket if SA goes into a lockdown until Augustus. I pray that the president will make the right decisions! May God keep his hand over SA!!

    • God is sovereign. He is the creator of the entire world. He is above every human being. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He send our Lord Jesus Christ to save the entire world.

      I call upon all presidents of the whole world to repent and also the richest families of the whole world to put their trust in God as well as poor people to repent.

      Let the whole leaders of the entire world start to be upright and become GOD fearing leaders and stop all kinds of corruption.

      And focus on God their maker it will be well with the entire world.

  8. They can rather let the virus out and let the people who can survive survive and at least we have food on the table and able to earn a living

  9. I agree to some extend, however at the end it is better to rather be safe than to loose a lot of lifes. Almost everyone have been isolated by direct family. I.e children, grandchildren. If it mean they will be safe then I support it. The Government did come up with a 3 months plan to assist SMME. I suggest you apply for the financial aid. I agree with rather be safe than sorry.

  10. If the lockdown is extended until June it will be the downfall of me and all my fellow freelance workers. No work, no pay. We already checked and we do not “qualify” for any of the relief the government is providing. Very stressful times for all of us. Very sad times for us and a lot of other people. We totally understand the necessity, but the sad thing … there are a lot of people in our small town carrying on with business as usual.

    • This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind, who makes the flesh his strength and turns his heart from the LORD. (Jeremiah 17:5)
      Psalm 91: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
      I will say to the LORD, “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler,
      and from the deadly plague. He will cover you with His feathers; under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and rampart.
      You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day,
      nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the calamity that destroys at noon. Though a thousand may fall at your side,
      and ten thousand at your right hand, no harm will come near you.
      Because you have made the LORD your dwelling my refuge, the Most High no evil will befall you, no plague will approach your tent.
      He gave His only son for you, death is already defeated! and you are still worried about money and business???? foolish people.
      Corona is the name of the virus and it too will have to bend and flea from the highest Name above all other names JESUS CHRIST! I will still praise Him cause He is a GOOD GOOD GOD ALWAYS!!!!

  11. I think the government is being slow in its response against this virus,all we are hearing is bad news after bad news no solutions ,nothing at all to control this disease. I think the slow response is due to the government being safe in their parliament homes,while people are in congested living spaces.If the government had used this land where there are shacks now to build proper houses ,then the spread of virus could easily be controlled..

    • I fully understand the Lockdown but if we can only be allowed to go back home I’m stuck in Jhb n now I’m really worried as on the 30th I must receive my chronic medication now this ,nearest clinic cant help me cause I dont have a file with them I’m so stressed, all we hear is bad bad bad daily people wake up ok we indoors what’s the solution they coming up besides small food parcels, nothing it’s time we find a way out,meaning for 3mnths I wont have medication I wont die of Covid by something else I swear.

  12. Its stupidity when President extend days, remember no work mm o food on the will increase crimes.yes we are aware of this Covid

  13. The impact of an extended lockdown on the church has huge implications. The first church in the book of Acts Chapter 3 v 41 – 46. They met in their homes as well as gathered in the temple courts to have fellowship and communion. The church is not to be classified as just a ” Social Gathering “, It is the gathering of worshippers in a building in which the Living God The Lord Jesus Christ is worshipped and exalted. The apostle Paul in the book to the Hebrews 10 v 25 ” Let us not give up assembling of ourselves together, ….but all the more as we see the day approaching.” The church is the power house of God. It becomes the place of resurrection power when the saints of God gather to worship and Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. The church must not have a form of godliness and deny the power of God. The church holds the keys of faith – The keys of the Kingdom of Heaven , To bind demonic powers of darkness and hell. Also to unleash Gods power over “All the power of Satan and his demonic hordes. ” . If the lockdown is extended:
    What will happen to our church choirs? To the celebration of resurrection,.. Do choir members have to stand one metre apart? What happens to the doctrine of the ” Laying on of Hands” Hebrews 6 v 2. The church prevailed through Ebola and SARS. The church prevailed through all contagious diseases and the church will prevail through the Corona – Virus. We praise the Living God. Psalm 91v 9 says ” If you make the Most High your dwelling – even the Lord, who is my refuge, then no disaster will come near your dwelling. I urge everyone to declare Psalm 91 over our Nation and we need to turn in humility before God and call upon Him. No plague that destroys at Midday” Yes bring conditions which don’t inhibit the fellowship… But don’t shut down the house of the Living God and the House of Prayer. Apostle King

    • What is money over life? What is the point of having money when there’s no life? Money is becoming useless in times like these. Let’s turn to God because He is our only hope. Isaiah 26 v 20, it all shall be well.

    • Where did Christ say you have to worship in a group. If he was here today he would tell everyone to stay home and pray.

    • The extension of the lock-down maybe exactly what the Church need. “Where two or three are gathered in My Name there I am”, words of Jesus ring so true for what prevents a man from leading his wife and family in the worship of God at home when the promise of the presence of God is guaranteed? It is in this time that the principles of our beliefs and faith will be tested and our knowledge and understanding of the heart and mind of God under these circumstances as revealed though Scripture and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit into all truths will make us more than conquerors and victorious. Let us be the light of the world, the salt of the earth and let us use those attributes to make a real difference by staying at home and not spreading the virus. Be close to God, shared your experience with and of Him on the social media platforms available, stay home and be safe.

  14. Until the President says it himself, it is all HEAR SAY!

    focus on what you know, not on what people are speculating about!

  15. Sometimes I wonder if some of think about what impact this is going to have on our children,it not just businesses that will close it will be an extra year at school university etc that will cost extra money or will that money fall out of the sky?some of u are selfish and speak without knowing other people’s situation

  16. Very complicated situation.. Both views are important.. How would anyone survive the coronavirus if they don’t abide by lockdown? Another point is, if people can’t work for salaries.. How would the common man put food on his table? Some employees, no work no pay.. No money means, unable to purchase food.. Starvation will be noted and people can die inturn.. On the other hand, coronavirus can also kill.. So what will be the solution? Looting will definitely occur and the crime rate may increase.. Just neutral views..

    • Hi Vee, I agree with you, a very complicated situation. If we lived in a wealthy first world country then the obvious choice would be to lock down. However, we do not so most people have to work otherwise they can’t buy food & there will be chaos, crime will escalate & people will die. So the decision is not easy, whatever choice you make, you have the possibility of dying!!!

  17. Iam very stressed about this if there is a extension of any kind i work for a delivery service that deliver foods to people. For me unfortunately i rely on a daily income and now i may not make ends meet wont be able to afford my rent after that were do i go i got accounts to pay going to affect me with my credit rating what are the options for me to get through this lock down its no joke and iam sure there are alot of people in the same situation.

  18. They say we rather be safe than Sorry we not working theres no income even the food we have it gonna be finish in no time what am i going to do with my kids? surely they dont care about us ☹☹☹☹☹☹


  19. We are facing hard times. Yes decisions have to be made to ensure the safety of all our people. Which ever way the government decides to do this will have a negative impact whether it be the option to save lives or the option to save the financial crumble. In these times we rather be alive than worry about money. No use being alive with money and facing death. We all should stand by our government and respect the hard decisions that they have to make

  20. If this lockdown continues our economy will go down…as for more businesses will retrenched people..and is the more high crime rate increase…
    And I as matric learner I think this ruin our future plans 😪

  21. It is really a tough decision to make may GOD help the president to make the right decision . Fact of the matter is that there are millions of people who will not be able to provide food for there loved ones if the lockdown is extented .Personally i will rather be able to provide food for my family than looking into my kids eyes pleading with me for something to eat , I am sure if all keep personal hygiene to heart and adhere to the 1,om distance rule ,your risk for getting infected is far less than your risk of dying of hunger if the lockdown continue for another 4 months except if goverment can deliver food parcels to all people of south africa during the lockdown

  22. Most of u who are commenting about lock down being extended maybe is because you have food in your house, you have money that can last you for the next coming 4 months, some of us we don’t know what we going to eat for supper because I get money from selling food on the street, I love my life but what am I going to eat while I’m inside the house

  23. Extension of lock down is not a problem if the will be some changes for instance most of the shops needs to be open Chicken licken, Nandos,Debonairs also liquor stores people can’t go even one month without these shops I just mentioned Shelley Jackson is right IT company’s and other shops Car spares and repairs need to stay open really extension of lock down without considering these options it will be the end of SA look at our economy right now we are doomed and we still going down yes asolation is not problem we can still practice it but Mr president if you want to finish your term lesson to your people your are saving us we not saving you take this advice please

  24. The government is doing everything that’s right for the country.People are worried about money then their life’s but money provides for people that’s why they worried .People will die of starvation eg (street vendors) so government should try and provide food for the needy .if it wasn’t for lockdown people woyld be sick.

  25. If There is A Decision to Extend Lckdwn…We should b given some time as Citizens to do wats most important…We can better prepare ourselves for the Coming months…A study should b conducted on who is most vulnerable from other countries data records n they should b protected more….It is A Dangerous n Serious Situation….So many opinions n Challenges…May We all See It Thru…Take all the Precautions to B Safe…..MILAN DBN…thinking of My SenoritA…

  26. I feel depressed when people are worried about their business when virus cases are rising. I think we must learn from country s like Italy and America where people were afraid of losing money due to lockdown. Unfortunately they are know the most countrys that are dealing with covid 19 deaths

  27. Comment:
    poor minds will say it’s rather we save lifes or money rather than saying how are we going to survive after this coz a lot of us are not working but some are working and not good jobs though it’s hustle ..extending days it’s useless but to find the solution to fight it’s good and a lot

  28. What if the towns and cities with no covid-19 cases continue to operate as normal. Obviously borders must remain closed and social distancing should continue so that the virus cant spread to the uninfected areas. Just an idea. We should try to come up with solutions and stop criticizing. Put yourself in the shoes of the president. If he doesn’t extend the lockdown and thousands of people die, everybody will blame him. This is truly a great crisis.

  29. Good evening. I would like to know what is the plans. If the lockdown is longer. Ppl cant work and wont get paid. How will we all live? Rent cant be paid. Landlords will kick us out in the street as they depend on that to also live. We wont have money to buy food. What about like us the place where my landlord gets our prepaid lights from is closed. So we wont have electricity…. No food and we have 4 young kids in the house. We wont be a ble to buy heaters… Hot water bottles… Blankets… Warm clothing. What are families like mine meant to do????? My husband is the only one working. He is a driver for a family. With this lockdiwn we worried if he us even going to get paid the end of this month. It is a big stress. I understsnd we must all try keep safe and hope this virus dies as fast as it started. But with all the bad negative rumors makes one scared and stressed. We have no one to help us.

    • I agree with Cathy, as much as we want to live healthy life, what are we going to do when this situation takes us to a place where we find ourselves dying due to hunger………. because if we don’t get paid or can’t continue being hawkers, meaning small business, where will we find food to eat. There are rumors that anything from other countries might bring more virus to this country, so do we truly need to reach the stage where we are supplied with free food shipped from other countries!!!

  30. If any of the other countries are anything to go by , we have huge challenges ahead of us, a global
    mortality rate lower than 4% doesnt not constitute the lockdown of those less vulnerable, I agree with Shelly, isolate those most vulnerable and allow the rest of us to continue our livelyhoods within reason. A nationwide lockdown for figures such us this in any country is does not make sense. All one has to do is read up a littlen there are further some controversies regarding the origin of the disease and motives behind it and its lockdown implications- the global economy as whole is suffering if not will collapse. Its easy for those (a very small priveleged fraction ) whose businesses are are able to adapt to work from home scenarios to comfortably claim “close your doors – save lives” , but to the smme like myself , i’m losing the life that i worked my entire life to build. I have tried the all the routes – uif, smmesa , solidarity fund, and bank offerings, all have failed / dont work, even premium and rental holidays – all these look pretty on paper but go try it for yourself- nothing much works- well it didnt for me at least, i will be forced to close my doors, and retrench , the 21 days was pressure , but the extension which IS coming- very few will survive, my life as i know it is over while we claim that its helping to save others , God be with us.

    • Yes, its a matter of you’ll be damned if you do and damned if you dont. I wish that government will do what is right for SA situation, because we’re not a first world country. We must work around this thing…an extend will bring chaos that we’ve never seen before in this countries history, but with certain regulations in place that businesses must adhere to and watch dogs who will enforce it, why not? Why not live around this thing? We must remember we have to make it work for our unique situation. I dont know if our ANC government believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Healer….so we must pray, I agree, that He will guide them to do what’s best for this country – not what is good just because the rest of the world is doing it, but what is the best for this country with its unique circumstances..May God protect us.

  31. I’m working for someone at shop but no business and now I’m waiting for my boss to when he can tell me that lived coz is no business and I don’t get paid for last month in this situation if I’m setting at home I’m going to safar with out food and not only me there is lot of people who already have been starting to get safar

  32. That’s true I argued the gov to give people e certain amount for living, if they extended the lockdown, people will die, crime will increase, please Mr Cyril.

  33. Hi. We understand the seriousness of calling for the lock down, but what happens to the common man, the underprivileged, what happens to the people who rely on their monthly income to survive, what happens to the bills we need to pay, the water n electricity bill just keeps increasing and we have to pay it. What happens to the house hold like mine where there is only 1 person working, my spouse is a cardiac patient whose life depends on the medication he takes daily and I hve 2 minor kids. If I apply for UIF, it is not going to be the same amount as the salary I receive. What happens to the kids school and education. If this lock down was enforced correctly and properly from day1 then maybe there may not be a need for an extension. As mentioned, with winter starting to set in, how do I protect our kids from the elements of the weather as purchasing clothes is not an essential. Im concerned that i may not be able to provide for my family and keep them safe. I will not be able to pay my debts. How does the government intend on providing an income equivalent to that of an average person. It is commendable of what the president is doing, and to the extent he is willing to go to put an end to this pandemic but all I ask is that there should not be an oversight when it comes to people that live from hand to mouth on a daily basis. We need to have masks and gloves and hand sanitizers especially when leaving your home for essential items, how do we afford this with no income.

  34. So sad, people thinking about thre companies, what will happen if the schools open and this virus spread under the learners, and it will, we sit with more than 50 learners per class, it will be a massive disaster just one school, one class imagine, i am just saying…….

  35. I respect everyone concerns but truly the reality is that is better to be safe than sorry. To me I don’t have a big problem when my child repeats another year in school even matric or university. Repeating is better than death. We just have to support our government and do what it says and this teaches us the importance of saving money in whatever situation that may arise in our lives. Stay safe.

  36. I totally understand all of your concerns. Im a South African currently in China. Yes we might worry about money and work and our businesses, but if you are to look at it, life is more important than all that. If the govt allows people to work, everyone will die in SA, it’ll cost the country more. The only way to fight this Covid is to stay indoors. For the govt to decide on a lockdown, it wasnt easy for them. They obviously thought of small business, and all and trust me, they know people are going to suffer but there is no any other way to fight this virus. Here in China, the only that saved us was the lockdown…I really feel for my country…We should just pray always. *sad*

  37. Are you sure this is what the Boston Consulting Group said? Because I’m reading their report, ‘Fighting Covid-19 in Africa Will Be Different’, and it doesn’t state that at all. We’ve also been in contact with the BCG. Be careful not to flame the fear just to sell news, because that would be very irresponsible, and could be considered spreading fake news.

  38. I think that nobody is in our president’s shoes. It is easy to judge but you don’t know how difficult it is to make this decision. Yes both sides is true. Let people go back to normal people die, lockdown people may die of hunger. Don’t you think he know this. He repeatedly said that there will be mistakes made. He is doing the best he can with what he got.

    I also think that cities and towns with no infections must go back to normal with closing borders and the infected towns or cities must continue lockdown until it is cleared. That way some one somewhere can still provide and be healthy.

  39. It is a bad time for the world in did yes we want to leave but its very unfortunate for people like me who have people who that if i dont work hanger will get them if they sick all will go bad. I pray that our government will come up with a better solution that at least even if businesses will operate at least 5 to 6 hours a day just for us to get that small salary to keep us going god must answer our prayers in this pandemic time

  40. USA and China are bringing south Africa to an end. the virus killing more jobs than people. Schools closed so only rich countries can benifit from online South African children the government can’t afford anything for them so they left to be stupid. Wake up South Africa wake up. The flu will then be called carona virus each year old people die from flu and chest infections now it will be called covid 19. People will die from starvation and not covid 19 here. Hundreds of people begging and hungry waiting to eat they used to have a day to day job. Crime increased foreigners still walking around supermarkets still full and not upto standards. Shame that religious prayer places are completely closed although maintain highest hygiene standards. This is the time we only can cry to God to help us as beautiful South Africa is left to cry and poor.

  41. People do you not understand, it is not about putting money ahead of lives. There won’t be any lives if you can’t buy food for your children, then people won’t be dying from a decease but they will be dying from hunger. Not even to mention a roof over your head. Many small business owners will not be able to afford their rent, and that has a snowball affect.
    There are different measures to put in place. And there is really some amazing ideas from individuals how to stop this virus, but locking down a country for more than the 21 days is insane. This is going to cause so much heart ache, disruption, security problems and the list goes on and on. Think about this clearly. It is not about judging each other, but rather to stand together and see if there is not a better way forward

  42. Our lives are more important than money or those business,my plea is government must deploy soldiers nt only when there is crisis it must be a continuous action I think crime will be less streets are clean and quite to those who comply and I think they must also come up with a plan of controlling tarvens and bottle stores t minimize crime they must implement time table for buying liquor I think the world will be a better place for all as for the virus we must all pray and be safe

  43. No work no pay its a big problem for the small company and us who have small business because we have many things to pay with the small money we make through the business… The bank wants to help us but with terms and conditions it’s not like u go to the bank and get help it’s a long process

  44. Most people in South Africa are going to suffer if the lockdown is extended, but not Government officials. The Government should also cut their employees salaries by half. They can use the projected R 675 billion cut it in half and use R335 billion to rescue people that have no income.Why must only the private sector suffer.

  45. We need to go to God not president, God is the only one with the source of this all and He is the only one with a fitting solution for everyone. As South Africans we don’t need to blame President or each other. Nothing is impossible to God, only loyal and faithful prayers needed.

  46. All businesses are taking strain, even essential services. Limited staff, as some staffers prefer to stay safe and stay home. Farmers with informal laborer’s and foreign laborers with no ID are experiencing massive problems. That’s our food basket taking hits .
    But in my opinion, there is a greater problem. SA, and Africa have done very well and been very decisive and clear in the LOCKDOWNS that have been implemented across Africa. We are the most threatened continent due to our large rural base and poorer countries, with limited hospital resources… But what of the FIRST World.
    South Africa has all the parties in the country united, politics, taxi associations, unions, labor forces. This has got to be the most united we have all been since Tata Madiba lifted the Rugby World cup wearing the CAPTAIN’S jersey
    We forget the domino effect. The USA has dragged its heals in enforcing lockdown. Their President is confusing everybody with many mixed messages. One third of the world’s cases are registered to the USA with 10% being New York infections. All symptoms of not acting quickly, decisive and sending clear messages. The UK, Spain, Italy, France (the entire EU) and China have all taken huge hits and are still battling Covis-19.
    Lockdown has proven to work. If the big economies of the world do not get COVID -19 under control, the bankruptcies and non-service and goods delivered from these countries will create an even bigger void than just the South African economy taking huge hits.
    We need to all pray that a WORLD WIDE solution is near, Lockdowns should be mandatory, the infection curves must start declining, if not, and the First World crumbles, we in Africa will really suffer.
    The domino effect, or “knock-on” effect will hit Africa, including South Africa the hardest… just think of all our trading partners, what will the new world look like if when we come out of Lockdown, and they just not there anymore.
    From this will come suffering, but also opportunity. South Africans are innovative and an energies people. Look for the silver linings, they are out there, we just need to be brave and weather the COVID-19 storm.

  47. We can agree to disagree, but the only thing in which we won’t disagree is about people’s lives. If we can try to be honest locking down the country for 3-4 months is total insane. Let’s stop talking about people who own small or big businesses and try to think about people who work on ground levels (Labours) some of these people don’t have permanent jobs, meaning they do peace jobs. This means no work no pay, at the same time it means no food, then how do you expect these people to leave.

    Most of you people who’re being influential on this lockdown thing you can buy yourselves food that can last even for a year. So, stop enforcing rules that should favour only rich people and hinder poor people.

    • Imagine 4 years old she is now sick covid 19 from her mother who was forced to come to work by employee. She did go to work even wen she knows that government said they must not go. Because she is not married and she works at the kitchen, she doesn’t have any other income. SOO PEOPLE WITH SMALL BUSINESS PLEASE STOP PUTTING OTHER FAMILYS IN DANGER BECAUSE OF MONEY . PLEASE IF YOU RUN OUT OF MONEY TO SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS GO TO THE BANKS FOR LOANS EVEN GOVERNMENT WILL HELP. ….PLEASE GUYS GIVE YOUR EMPLOYERS HELP LIKE FOOD OR SMALL MONEY IF YOU KNOW THEY WORK ON YOUR KITCHEN THEY DONT HAVE ANYTHING AND STOP PUTTING THEM IN DANGER BECAUSE WE NEED THEM IN FUTURE…..LETS GIVE FOOD THOSE WHO DONT HAVE PLE

  48. Global deaths from flu each year 650000 deaths in China were unreported italy like china spain has very bad air pollution .this is big noise over some deaths open the economy with sensible ideas eg no crowds of 50 or more if you feel sick get tested isolate..all get it get herd immunity. Those that didnt make it unfortunately 650000 dies from flu each year .massive informal sector we got things to pay no help from anybody .those that say keep closed with big salaries can we get petrol groceries electricity from you .oh I thought not open on 16th .
    The longterm economic damage will be worse than the virus itself with measures in place eg isolate vulnerable.

  49. I fully agree with Shelley. I also have a small business and no, it cannot be run from a app at home. An extension will also bankrupt us and 10 staff will be without jobs. It isn’t about trying to make money but surviving. So go ask them if the government should extend the lockdown?

  50. How would u feel if immediately after u get back to work chasing money first week it happens u loose 5 of ur workers through covid-19?
    This is the chance wi fix our relationship with God while we are still alive let’s pray n keep hoping love u all out there good ppl.

  51. I read all the comments thus far and no doubt everyone has concerns-all valid concerns. I also have concerns:
    family, wife, children, grandchildren, neighbours, work staff, finances, bank balance, retirement funds, the list goes on and on. But I told myself not to be scared, not to fear. We all know that in this life you will have suffering- how little or how much is still suffering.
    The question is how we deal with this suffering? There is too much inequality in this world. Instead of being selfish,perhaps we must start by showing love to others: consider others first, share with others, mourn with others, laugh with others.The benefits of caring far out weights the losses we all will suffer now. Joy always come in the morning. Perhaps it is time for agape love.

  52. No work no pay that’s what the bosses thinking and saying how can we survive without a income of money that’s the most important source of life I’m working in the engineering field I need to be at work to earn money the company I worked for paid us last a week before lockdown and did not pay us again said they don’t have funds so the government need to think how they going to help people like me I pay uif for 8 years where’s that money

  53. Some of us do not own businesses we get paid daily now that we are stuck at home the landlord want s his rent we have to eat everyday that means we are just gonna die of hunger indoors or get kicked out to the streets because we cant pay ,and think of the people that cannot get uif and the people that do not have the required documentation to get the uif this is really bad I just hope the government considers everyone

  54. heavenly god please protect us in this time of darkness of pandemic/Covid 19. guide us in making good choices, help us understand the regulations that are in place and adhere to it. and lastly but not least. fellow south Africans this is no time to put blames and pointing fingers but to be united as a country to minimize the spread of this pandemic and stay safe #Chooselife. Until we meet again.


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