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Apart from virtual reality and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence is another form of technology that could change the game as we know it.


Technology impacts many areas of our lives. Whether it is technology in our homes, places of work, transport or our communication, it is impossible to deny that technological advancements are changing faster than they ever have before. Some argue technology spills over into the gaming world, while others argue the gaming industry is the ignitor of technological changes in other areas of our lives. Somehow, game developers always seem to be a step ahead and constantly find new ways where technology is changing various aspects of the online gaming experience for players all over the world. Generally speaking, these technological changes are improving both the quality and security of our baccarat online gaming lives. Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence are just two examples of modern gaming software. The Settle based company Unity Technologies is behind some of the best tools used by companies around the world to create 3D, Virtual Reality and AR experiences within games and online casinos that are transforming into virtual reality casinos.

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Let’s take a look at three of the major technologies that are changing the way we engage with gaming in 2020;

Virtual Reality

Online casinos have come an awfully long way in making the online gaming experience more immersive and therefore more exciting for those playing from home. In the early days, these casinos used to just have a set of video slots and table games where the graphics were okay, but nothing to really write home about. Since these early days, however, online casinos have already developed live casinos where players can at least get the feeling of a live casino from the comfort of their own couch.

Things could be about to go further as well, with virtual reality slowly creeping into the online casino world. There are already companies out there developing virtual reality-type games for online casinos, which would go a step beyond even live casino games. Players will effectively be able to put on a VR headset and enter a real-life version of a physical casino, where they can walk around and choose games at random. It really could change the game for online casinos, and it’s something we are very excited about.

Blockchain technology

That’s right, blockchain technology hasn’t just revolutionized a few industries when it comes to digital transactions, it has changed the online casino space too. The security and protection of our financial data are some of the most commonly reported concerns when it comes to using online casinos. While sites have become increasingly more efficient at protecting financial data through added firewalls and SSL encryption, the sad truth is that hacks and data breaches do still occur.

Simply put, hackers are those people who deliberately break down these firewalls and security measures in an attempt to extract personal information, bank details, card information, and more. They are particularly efficient at it, unfortunately, so even the most secure sites are subject to hacks. However, blockchain technology has started to become welcomed by online casinos for one exact reason – it can’t be hacked. It’s not that easy to understand how it works but this article at Gamblersbet gives a good explanation; “You Ask-We Explain: Blockchain & Fair Play”.  To summarize, given the very nature of blockchain technology, all transactions are encrypted and not tied to any bank account or personal information. It is completely decentralized, which is why it has been incorporated by many sites already, for the anonymity factor.

Artificial intelligence

Apart from virtual reality and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence is another form of technology that could change the game as we know it. Unlike virtual reality, however, artificial intelligence is already being used on some of the world’s leading casino sites. There are a few reasons why artificial intelligence is already proving so successful, so let’s discuss these right now.

First of all, let’s look at the impact of artificial intelligence in terms of customer service. Nowadays, you can often find information through a virtual live chat rather than having to speak with a representative. These virtual chats are fuelled by artificial intelligence and are specifically designed to guide you to the right answer as quickly as possible. Only if you require more assistance will you be put through to a representative, which is already more cost-effective for a casino site.

On top of this, artificial intelligence is directly related to machine learning. Basically, when you are using an online casino, if they are operating with some form of machine learning on the site you could receive game suggestions, as well as tailored offers based on your playing behaviour. For example, if the machine learning technology realizes that you are a big fan of blackjack games, you could find yourself being contacted regarding new and exciting blackjack games that are released on the site.

You might also find that a site sends you tailored offers concerning the type of games you play and how you play them. For example, if you are particularly fond of video slots, you may receive free spins offers based on popular games that you clearly like to play. This is just the surface of how artificial intelligence can help in the future, and we can’t wait to see how it develops from here.

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