Bolt app
Bolt app

Bolt Food will start tomorrow delivering meals from Cape Town restaurants that are members of the Restaurants Association of South Africa (RASA).

The company has partnered with RASA to deliver meals for its members.

RASA members will benefit from a low 14% commission to use the service to deliver their meals, while restaurants that are not members of RASA will pay a 15% fee.

A R35 flat fee for deliveries within 8km of the restaurant is also available, should they have their own online marketplace.

Some of the restaurants in Cape Town that have joined Bolt Food include Active Sushi, The Famous Butcher’s Grill, Edo Sushi, and more.

Bolt Food will be live in Cape Town from 1 May 2020, in Joburg from the middle of the following week, and will expand to other locations across South Africa over the coming months, providing food delivery support to restaurants and other food-related businesses, depending on local demand.

Using Bolt Food to receive and process orders means that restaurants do not have to be concerned with managing payments via credit card or cash, as all payments are processed through the app before being paid directly to the business.

Contact between restaurant staff and members of the broader public is minimised as they would only need to engage with Bolt Food drivers, who have been trained in physical distancing protocols, to hand over meals.

“Bolt Food is determined to help small businesses like restaurants to be able to deliver their goods to customers, so that their staff can once again earn an income, within the safety guidelines published by Government,” says Gareth Taylor, country manager for Bolt and Bolt Food in South Africa.

“This collaboration with restaurants is yet another way that the drivers using the Bolt platform can earn an income through the COVID-19 crisis – something we’ve been working hard to make possible through the launch of various new products since President Ramaphosa first announced the lockdown in March.”


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