SAveabusiness is Helping Struggling Township-based Businesses

A relief fund supporting township-based businesses and women-owned SME’s


SAveabusiness, a platform that works in collaboration with citizens to save small South African companies that have been hardest hit by COVID-19, is offering grants of R20 000 to struggling businesses.

Donations are offered to ten businesses struggling to operate during the lockdown, weekly.

During COVID-19, small businesses in South Africa have few options of relief during a time of lockdown and no business activity. 

SAveabusiness is looking to gain the support of civil society and large businesses to ensure that small businesses make it through this period.

SAveabusiness looks to the public to swiftly and meaningfully take action and give small businesses a fighting chance during the pandemic.

The platform aims to raise R1 million and so far has managed to get donations valued at R865,452.00.

The raised funds will be purposed to avoid layoffs, non-payment of workers and expenses that would impede continuation when South Africa returns to business as usual.

“We believe that this is an essential initiative that will mitigate the rise in unemployment and the further destabilisation of our economy. Donors will receive a tax exemption certificate as the initiative operates with NGO status,” said the organisation.

A collaborative tapestry created by artist Nelson Makamo and fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo sold for over half-a-million rand at an online auction held to raise funds for the support and relief programme of the Save A Business organisation.

The 2mx2m, double-sided mohair piece was available in a bid for the week, with the winning bid coming in at R670 000 on 5 May 2020. Created in 2018 and displaying the signature styles of both artists, this is the first collaboration between the two artists.

“The artist chose to give this artwork to auction as a gesture of goodwill, also to make proceeds go to small businesses, designers and artists that want to grow the continent.”

How can you save a township-based business?

The public has two options: 

  • Donate directly to the listed business of your choice or 
  • Donate to the SAveabusiness COVID-19 Relief Fund to be evenly distributed at the end of each phase.

Ten qualifying and deserving SME’s per phase will be selected. Each fundraising phase will run for five days consecutively.

At the end of each five-day fundraising phase, the total donation pot for that phase will be evenly distributed to the ten companies. Raised funds are shown in real-time.


  1. Good day

    I own a Nusery creche in Tsakane

    My business is sinking since im not receiving any Income

    Please assist my business

    I’m afraid that my staff wont come back after lockdown down

  2. I think this is a good initiative, as small business owners we feel the pinch of covid 19. your assistance will be highly appreciated. Especially with this high levels of unemployment. As woman and mother’s, We are trying our best to save and mantain our families, by opening small businesses. I am a woman with a small businesses. But things are falling apart.


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