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The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) paid 116 867 people their R350 Social Relief Grant.

The Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) announced on Monday on its Twitter page:

However, GCIS seems to have forgotten to inform the millions of frustrated jobless people who have applied when they should expect their money to be paid.

Instead, SASSA also announced on its Twitter page that all verified applicants for the unemployment grant will be paid.

SASSA started taking nationwide applications for the grant on 11 May 2020 and promised to make the first payment on 15 May 2020.

The 116 867, said the South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) in a statement, was part of 13 million applications received. However, only 6.3 million of these were valid, complete applications.

SASSA spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi said that to date, over 3.5 million applicants had been checked to confirm if they were either active SASSA grant recipients, were on the UIF database or received an NSFAS stipend.

“We have received approximately 13 million enquiries/applications about the temporary special COVID-19 SRD grant as at Monday, 25 May 2020.

“About 6.3 million of these were valid, complete applications. The rest were either duplicate applications, incomplete, had inconsistent data or were just pure enquiries,” said Busisiwe Memela, SASSA Chief Executive.

The agency said a further 1.2 million clients were being finalised through verification by SARS to confirm if they have income.

“A total of 666 381 clients have been approved and SASSA is awaiting banking details information. Over 1 597 127 have been disapproved since the applicants have some or other means of income,” read the statement.

The agency urged applicants to respond immediately to the SMS received by SASSA and provide their banking details through a secure link.

“This will enable SASSA to ensure payments are processed without delay to all eligible applicants. Citizens are reminded that there is no cut-off date for applications for this special relief grant.  Anyone who meets the qualifying criteria should lodge an application without delay,” said Letsatsi.

Beneficiaries can also check the status of their applications online on or by adding GovChat WhatsApp on 082 046 8553, open chat, type “Status” and Send.

Meanwhile, SASSA said it has successfully implemented the increase of the child support grant of R300 per child and an additional R500 per caregiver from June to October 2020. All other existing grants were increased by R250 per month from May to October 2020 (except for Grant in Aid). –

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As soon as President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the R350 COVID-19 grant for the jobless, doubts were raised? How would a government with a poor track record of efficiency pay these millions of jobless people?

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Many of the jobless are hungry.

They live on the streets or in cramped conditions and the promised relief under the hard lockdown was like manna from heaven – except for many it still hasn’t fallen to the ground.

Caught up in the excitement of being useful, the Ministry of Social Development and SASSA immediately promised to payout the grants.

Without an existing database, it was never going to be easy to identify and pay out those who qualify.

The resultant mess of moving too hastily has left many unemployed disappointed.

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You can now check on the status of your application for a special R350 COVID-19 grant, SASSA revealed on Friday.

SASSA disclosed on its official Twitter page that its online status check for the special R350 COVID-19 grant is live.

The new function allows potential recipients to check the status of their applications for the unemployment grant.

To check your status you need an ID number and cellphone number.


  1. We are also out of a job. Don’t receive any grant, or pension. The system showed pending. When will we be paid. We are also in need of help, please.

  2. I have received an SMS that saying it’s being approved and the link but every time I get to that link
    nothing is happening. .

    • I have received an SMS that saying it’s being approved and the link but every time I get to that link
      nothing is happening please assist

  3. Hi I need to know why don’t SASSA negotiate with SARS to try verifying applicants faster or notify the people that they application are at SARS for verification and always update people via sms the process when it’s back at SASSA. Always send updates on their application to calm people down to be patient and wait until it’s approved.

    SASSA don’t let people know of any updates via sms, just online status saying application for MAY2020 pending. And just leave them to wait for weeks not saying anything.

    Show some respect and more professional through out this process. SASSA are letting this nation bad-mouthing them through social media give they service bad name. Or employ temps to help making this pay out process more effective without any pointing fingers.

    Come on, speed up the service to always notify people via sms every 2nd day why they have to wait so long.

  4. I have problem with the link Sassa send it to me so that I should send banking details it keeps saying failed I have three days today try it please help because my application is approved

  5. This R350 unemployment fund is another way of self enrichment. The CEO earlier said on national tv that they have a data of 700 000 unemployed and that if people do not get their money in May the department will not backpay in June going forward. They are taking people for granted.

  6. I received a text message that my application has been approved.. question is where do I submit my bank details. Sassa haven’t added that option”

  7. It shows pending since 11may so when will it be approved or will we keep on hoping forever .They say they disapproved many applications but how will we know if it keeps on showing pending 22 days later.Sassa is frustrating us.Others applied 10 days ago they are approved how is their system operating then?

  8. How long does it take to approve the 350 relief grant application. I am waiting for nearly a Month now the system keeps telling me pending for May 2020.

  9. Nga apply ngo may usaqala bt still namanje angakoyitholi if I check my status saying pending anginalutho besethembele cela nisize

  10. I applied on the second day of opening of applications but my application is pending, how long is it going to stay pending? And what is the meaning of that status “pending”?

  11. I’ve been waiting and replaying for so many times but the system says it’s got my application. I don’t know what to do any more and I’m frustrated and out of food and lights. Plz attend as soon as possible. Just give me what is due to me, that’s all.

  12. It’s been approved but the link they send its not opening where do we send the bank details?

  13. I’ve been on the net for the whole day trying to find out how to receive the social grant without the banking details …nothing —does this mean I won’t get it simply because i don’t .have a bank account or they will make money transfer through my phone?

    • I was approved,got the link but it doesn’t the sassa centre line is always busy..why u playing with South African who are really in need of the money, people who are not working,during this difficult time

  14. Still waiting for any kind of acknowledgement. Who do we contact…it says “Pending”…It could lend forever. We need proper communication. Please!!

  15. I was approved and banking details was forwarded but still nothing. I have a reference no and otp pin. So what seems to be the hold up. There are many others in the same boat. Please respond and let us know whats happening.

  16. I applied for 350 SRD grant when I check my status first it said pending now it says not available what is happening??…coz we don’t even receive updates regarding our application!

  17. I applied that R350 for my mom,and shes been approved.So the link we should send bank details on doesn’t do nothing…any help pls…

  18. this that sassa make the ppl waiting so long is gonna cause the crime rate go higher because some has to eat then they will be staring to rob,breaking in,steal or sell drugs.Cause a lot did apply in april and still shows pending

  19. I applied and when after many weeks checked to see my status, they say my form was incomplete. But you cannot send the application if your form is incomplete. So I tried to complete another one, they say this number has already applied. What can I do now?

  20. I was approved gave my banking details and all was god but still no payment made and its the 7th today what is happening?

  21. My application has been pending since may. Why is it taking so long whereas others have already been responded? How do I even know whether I’ve been approved if no feedback is being given to me?!!

  22. mine says failed guys anyone else has the problem when I try and check my status I have no longer hope in this.

  23. According to the goverment this grant will be paid for 6 months but some people only get approved in this month,which means they will only get paid 4 months which ultimately means that millions that were budgeted for is not being paid like it was planned for.if 100 000 people got paid the 1st 2 months and about 4-6 million hasnt been approved it means that 4 million x R350 x 2 months is disappearing.there was never any discussion about successful registrations after 2 or 3 months will get back pay,which means that if u apply today and only get paid next month you have already lost 3 payments due to their service being slow or prolonged.

  24. I don’t have a bank account what should i do because I don’t even have money to open that account.And my application is Aprroved

  25. Comment:I got approved when checking my status and yet the money isnt in my bank account yet for more than a week, where as the sassa idiots are patting themselves in the back for paying only 5% of everyone eligable. such incompetence is disgusting!

  26. Application has been pending. Sassa I need that money to pay my hospital bills😏.
    I was told that on my next visit I won’t get help if I don’t pay. Every time I go for check up and do not pay. Please send the money. Now its R700 akere I didn’t get it in may as promised.

  27. When i check my status online it says I’ve been approved, but i haven’t received a message saying that i have to leave my banking details, why?

  28. i have applied since may but yesterday i got a message of approval from sassa and the said i must what what the link which couldnt due to the fact that no internet so what must i do to get my money

  29. When I enter my bank details it always says failed but when I check it is approved,so how could I enter bank details ?

  30. It is pending from June to December but no payment.i submit my bank details they say my bank details are same if i resent them how can I get help?? I am really need that money for my medication.


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