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Audi Connect To Launch in South Africa With The New Audi A4

Audi connect will be introduced into the local market with the imminent arrival of the new Audi A4 which is due in October. The technology brings real-time online connectivity to the driving experience with a host of features linking the car, driver and environment via the smartphone.

With completely integrated in-car connectivity, the new Audi A4 becomes a digitally connected hub for the driver.

Audi connect takes the comfort and enjoyment of driving the new Audi A4 to a whole new level, by providing a range of infotainment, entertainment, remote safety and service functions.

The technology focuses on integrating the structures that use online connectivity with the vehicle, to provide real-time information and multiple digital functions.

Audi Connect
Audi Connect

This includes delivering internet services to the car via an embedded sim (installed directly into the vehicle) and used through the myAudi app.

When inside the vehicle, the Audi MMI (multimedia interface) and Audi virtual cockpit becomes the mechanic of use.

myAudi app is the central nervous system for Audi connect and allows digital access to the vehicle, anywhere and at any time.

It is through this point that the driver can access important vehicle information, manage data and configure and set up certain services. Once activated, the app connects the vehicle with the driver’s everyday life.

At any time and from anywhere, the driver will be able to call up real-time information about the vehicle and keep an eye on the fuel level, range, service appointments, warning messages and other functions.

Audi Connect
Audi Connect

A few of the infotainment and Car2X services of Audi connect will include:

  • Infotainment services will offer real-time information for navigation and infotainment. Live and integrated Google Earth navigation and traffic information allow the driver to easily plan trips through the myAudi app and send destinations and routes directly to the vehicle. Live information around points of interests, traffic information and weather updates are also included.
  • Safety and services features will support the driver in the event of damage, breakdown or minor accidents. Notification of when a service is due is also integrated into the functionality.
  • Security & Convenience services will include remote functions (model-dependent) that network the vehicle with the smartphone. This will allow the vehicle to be protected against unauthorised access, giving the driver control of selected vehicle functions by conveniently using the myAudi app. A vehicle status report for information like the oil or fuel levels, mileage or service intervals are easily viewed on the smartphone.

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