Sports Betting

Globally, sports betting has gripped the world and that reach, and interest level is as strong in South Africa as in any other nation.

Sports such as cricket and rugby have always been part of the social and economic landscape in South Africa but in recent times football and golf has also come to the fore as both betting options and national sports.

In addition, the success of South African sports across the globe has seen more people than ever pay an active interest in the comings and goings of professional sport.

This has all contributed to a boom in popularity within the sports betting market in South Africa and betting within the South African sporting landscape and betting on South African sporting events is a relatively fresh concept for punters – making it an exciting vocation.

Make Use of the Bookmaker Offers

Global sportsbooks are starting to stand up and take note of the betting options within South Africa and domestic bookies are also on the hunt for custom too.

The sheer range of sports betting options in South Africa can make choosing a bookmaker tricky but whichever one you punt for, be sure to use the bookmaker offers and free bets.

Some companies offer free bet promotions for new customers whilst other sportsbooks give bonuses out – even for existing customers.

This variety within the market allows punters to work out the best offers for them but always be sure to utilise the promotions you have at your disposal.

Read on the best South African sports markets to bet on:

Cricket Betting

Few sports are as confusing to the layman as cricket, but in South Africa it is part of the makeup of the country.

With its unique scoring structure, lengthy game periods and its habit of producing the unthinkable, cricket can become a minefield for some punters – especially those who don’t know the game inside out.

However, the number of possible scores and scenarios within any game of cricket gives bettors multiple opportunities to win big when cricket betting.

Exploring the cricket betting markets available in every match is always recommended and with so many options available, there are always chances to win – regardless of your bank balance.

Football Betting

Soccer/football has taken off within South Africa in recent years, primarily fuelled by the increase in popularity of the English Premier League.

Subsequently, leagues in Spain, Italy and Germany have made their mark on South African culture too – making football one of the most watched sports in the country.

In addition, the increase in popularity of the South African Premier League and its status as the biggest domestic league in Africa has seen sportsbooks target football as a sport to give punters offers and promotions from.

Football betting is one of the most popular vocations for punters, with accumulator bets one of the most common betting forms.

Building a successful accumulator can yield significant sums of money whilst there are also plenty of football betting options available.

Rugby Union Betting

Having been crowned World Rugby Union champions three times in the last 30 years, South Africa are renowned as one of the greatest rugby playing sides on the planet.

Whilst the national team continue to garner plenty of attention, rugby fans can also indulge in South African domestic competitions as well as the Super 14 – a club competition played between teams from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina.

The worldwide appeal of South African rugby union makes it a great option for punters and the advent of in-play and accumulator betting within rugby, has seen it rival football as one of the most viable betting options in South African culture.



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