Vodacom Home Internet
Vodacom Home Internet

This year has been unlike any we have experienced before, as we have had to adapt our routines and habits, and adjust to a new way of life, mostly from the safe confines of our homes.

From the rise of e-commerce to the Zoom boom, from Friday quiz nights on Houseparty to classrooms of virtual learners – we would not have been able to continue working, learning, socialising, and shopping in 2020 without connectivity at home.

As we approach a new year, this online lifestyle – integrating work, home and play – remains a reality, leaving little to no room for a lacklustre internet connection. This is why Vodacom is offering a new plug-and-play broadband solution, which allows you to connect to its vast LTE network, whatever your online needs.

Selecting your speed

Beware the home without high speed Home Internet capabilities – the household where the connection slows down as each family member hops online and tries to use the web at the same time, whether it’s ordering a last-minute holiday gift, streaming the latest TV series, or making a video call to loved ones far away. It is a recipe for delays and buffering – and perhaps a little family dispute too.

If the above scenario sounds a little too familiar and your home has numerous Internet users, an investment in high speed Internet will surely pay off and keep the family peace.

Getting your home connected has never been easier with Vodacom, with prices starting from R549pm and offering speeds and data caps that will suit any budget – now is the time to plug-and-play with network reliability you can expect on SA’s leading network.

Vodacom Home Internet offers access at speeds of 10Mbps or 20Mbps, with two data cap options for each. You can choose from a variety of packages based on your usage requirements, including 200GB, 400GB, 600GB, and 800GB options – split between Anytime and Night Owl data.

Vodacom Home Internet packages are available over 24 and 36 months, giving you the option to choose a term and monthly price which suits your budget.


Each of Vodacom’s Home Internet offers comes with a Huawei wireless router, which simply needs to be plugged in and it is ready to go. The days of calling technicians for help to get connected are officially a thing of the past with Vodacom’s Home Internet removing all the hassles and saving you valuable time.

Every customer’s connection is linked to a single location, for all the desktop, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles in the home, allowing kids and parents the freedom to their own thing without getting in each other’s way  or better yet to  enjoy the entertainment together as a family.

Enjoy high speed data

The benefits of high-speed Internet when weighted against the frustration of buffering, interruptions and being disconnected are priceless.

Everything from browsing and streaming to downloading or using communication software during work meetings or long-distance family calls gets easier and more comfortable with High speed Internet, giving customers a far superior online experience.

Vodacom’s Home Internet is perfect for larger households with varying needs such as gaming, TV, or work. From gaming and streaming in 4K on multiple devices, to uploading large files equally quickly, Home Internet can handle anything you throw at it.

Vodacom Home Internet packages can be purchased at any Vodacom store, via the call centre, or on the Vodacom website. Come home to Vodacom Home Internet, the easiest, most affordable way to get connected and stay online. #StayConnected.

  • This article was published in partnership with Vodacom



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