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The pandemic has hit the world hard, taking a toll on the health and finances of people. Several businesses have closed down, and countless people have lost their jobs. Pay cuts have made life tough for others, so every extra penny earned can make a difference. However, the resilience of the human race is exemplary, and people have learned to live with the crisis. Tech professionals, in particular, are lucky because they have the right skills to boost their earning potential even during the challenging phase. If you are a techie looking to unlock extra income in the pandemic era, here are some measures to help.

Pursuing freelance gigs

The gig economy has emerged as a lifesaver for people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Techies are well-equipped with the right skills to take up freelance projects online. You may even pursue such projects as a side hustle and make loads of extra money every month. Web design and development, copywriting and digital marketing are some of the popular ways to make money with freelance projects. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you will soon have a full-fledged revenue stream with some good networking.

Providing remote support

Another great idea for IT professionals to bolster their income during the COVID crisis is by providing remote support to businesses as an outsourced provider. The service is in high demand these days as most companies are struggling with the work-from-home model and require technical support for troubleshooting and cybersecurity issues more often than not.  It is a massive opportunity right now, and you can even consider turning it into a full-time business if it works for you.

Doing something enjoyable

For someone with gaming skills, making money is as easy as enjoying your favorite game online. The pandemic has brought a boom for the online gaming industry, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn. You can try your luck with Online Slots even with minimal tech skills or work as a freelance game tester. Gaming companies are looking for testers to play the beta versions of their upcoming releases and locate the flaws in them. So you have a chance to append your income while doing something you love.

Teaching online

If you have specialized skills in demand, you can explore the idea of teaching online. It is easy to get started by joining a skill development platform, or you can run independent webinars and classes. Good marketing makes you visible and presents you as a subject matter expert in the industry. Although you start small, you can build your reputation eventually and even make it big as a mentor in your niche.

Apart from finding the right avenues to making money in a crisis, it is vital to stay focused and grow your tech skills. Take the crisis as an opportunity to build on your current capabilities and understand your real potential. It is the best time to add communication and networking to your existing tech skillset, so go ahead and do it right now.



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