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Cybersecurity expert Per-Erik Eriksson has compared over 30 different VPN services and came to the same conclusion as we did.

If you are visiting or living in South Africa, you will be happy to know that at Freedom on the net 2018, internet freedom was allowed and free.

The regime is not expected to be committed to unanimous censorship or blocking of content. However, if the film and audience amendment law is passed by the South African national board, everything could change.

The controversial law extends the power of the film and media board to include social networks and digital media. Although the idea of the law is to protect minors from violent, harmful and racist material, it has been judged to give the Basic Vocational Training – BVT – extensive authority over online censorship.

It provides the power to control all material distributed on the web as well as blocking it, including user-created content such as the YouTube platform.

Using a VPN when you are in South Africa will give you access to material that is limited by geographical blocks, protect your privacy and keep your online connection anonymous. It will not be a problem for a South African to travel, as having a VPN will accept the use of all local online services and content.

One thing that makes the best VPN providers stand out is the number of servers they have, providing the IP address needed to unblock local material, wherever it is located.

At the moment, South Africa has an open and free network, but there is still a chance that everything can be turned around if the project is approved. According to the law, promoting material without prior registration with the BVT could result in heavy fines and even imprisonment.

In order to preserve your information and privacy, it is essential to use a VPN whenever you are on the web. With over 5000 high-speed servers, 26 of which are in South Africa, NordVPN is the most widely used virtual private network in South Africa, easily bypassing obstructions, providing access to local and global material such as Netflix, Showtime, BBC iPlayer among others.

It has a zero-registration policy, as well as preventing the IP address and information from being displayed if the connection should fail, given its automatic disconnection function.

In terms of security, it has military-grade encryption, ensuring that your data, information and privacy are protected when surfing a public Wi-Fi network.

A particularity that NordVPN has is that it allows the simultaneous use of 6 devices, making it very popular among its consumers. It is worth mentioning that it is compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, Mac Os, Chrome and Firefox.


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