Yoco Neo
Yoco Neo

As e-commerce boomed in the wake of the Coronavirus and the national lockdowns, Yoco, South Africa’s largest financial platform for small businesses, turned their attention to online payments by developing and releasing a payment gateway alongside their range of affordable card machines.

The Yoco Payment Gateway is an effective solution for business owners looking to accept payments on their WooCommerce or Wix e-commerce websites. With little to no technical skills, entrepreneurs are able to add the plugin to their site and activate Yoco as a payment option within ten minutes.

“We began work on the Yoco Payment Gateway long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, but as more of our customers took their businesses online in 2020, we made the decision to push the product timeline forward,” commented Lungisa Matshoba, Yoco’s co-founder and CTO.

“Our success has come largely from not only providing technology and tools that meet our customers’ needs but that also have simplicity built into the core of the product. Setting up an e-commerce site and adding online payments is not the easiest of tasks and while some business owners are able to find professional support to assist them, we knew that this wouldn’t be the case for most small businesses in South Africa. To meet them where they are in their journey, we needed this product to be simple and effective,” he explains.

Yoco Founders

To accomplish this, the Payment Gateway embodies many of the characteristics of a Yoco product: it is a plug-and-play solution with fast, secure payouts and a straightforward pricing structure – the more you sell, the less you pay.

“The user experience on the Yoco Payment Gateway is simple, and professional and it doesn’t require a redirect to process payments. This is really important for reducing the number of abandoned carts. Plus the automatic payout with no additional fees has made it easier to manage payments as a small business owner,” commented Zaid Ismail, who runs his e-commerce website using WooCommerce and the Yoco Payment Gateway.

The Yoco Payment Gateway also enables entrepreneurs to merge their online and card-present transactions to provide a holistic view of their business via the Yoco Business Portal. Simplifying their lives and saving valuable time. As increasing numbers of small business owners choose to go cashless or online, it is a primary focus for Yoco to be a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for processing their payments.

The Yoco Payment Gateway is available to all customers and is activated from within the Yoco Business Portal. New customers can opt for online payments only in their sign up and start transacting as soon as they’ve completed the integration process. There are no upfront costs and once active, the gateway is fully integrated with all of Yoco’s payment solutions.


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