Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat

Infinidat, a provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, today announced that the company has deployed 7.1 Exabytes of enterprise storage capacity worldwide. This achievement marks a key milestone for the company as it enters its 10th year in business with tangible momentum, highlighted by a surging uptick in growth of half an exabyte in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“Infinidat has exceeded expectations, which is a testament to the value that customers see in our unique mix of faster performance, high availability, reliability and affordability, despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic and the industry slowdown in 2020,” said Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat.


“Our growth of total storage deployed reflects a bigger trend around how an increasing number of companies want to improve operational efficiency, accelerate digital transformation and adapt to their own changing needs for enterprise-class storage.”

Amanda Regnerus, EVP Business Development at US Signal, said, “Infinidat’s continued growth and rapid achievements of key milestones are reassuring that we are working with an enterprise storage solutions provider demonstrating leadership.  Infinidat provides us with the high performance and 100 percent availability that we as a service provider need to meet our customers’ requirements established in service level agreements, while at a price that allows us to remain competitive.”

Bernd Kisters, CIO at KISTERS AG, said, “It’s impressive to see Infinidat reach these milestones because it reinforces how equipped the company is to grow with a large enterprise and continue to aim higher. Our experience with Infinidat has shown us their ability to scale up, so it’s not surprising to see the company make this leap forward.”

Infinidat’s total storage deployed is higher capacity than the top eight primary storage all-flash array (AFA) vendors shipped in 2020. The rising customer demand for petabyte-scale systems is expected to accelerate the company’s continued growth in storage deployment.


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