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The world of sports betting has seen huge change over the past few decades, and that has all been driven by technology. One of the biggest aspects of this has been how the industry has grown around the world.

In days gone by, having a local bookmaker was the only way to get your bets on, and many countries simply did not have this. Then, the first stage of online betting was betting with a bookmaker via your computer. Again, many people did not have this open to them.

Now we have mobile technology opening up another avenue. Many people who don’t have a computer do have a mobile phone, and if they have an internet connection, this means they can finally bet.

In terms of the number of potential gamblers out there for bookmakers to aim their services at, bringing mobile betting on board has grown that number massively.

The Simplicity of Mobile Betting

In terms of betting, mobile betting is without a doubt the simplest. All you need is a phone and a connection to the internet, you don’t need to move from where you are, and the bookmaker doesn’t even need to be in your country.

A recent report showing mobile payment trends shows numbers are on the rise. When it comes to betting, this shows people trust their mobile phone and are comfortable completing money transactions on it, just like they would have to if using it for betting.

In many respects, mobile betting is the solution that many of us have been looking for. It puts everyone around the world on a level playing field if they have a mobile phone, which many do.

Often the simplest way is the best, this is certainly the case when it comes to placing your bets.

A Convenience in Some Countries and a Necessity in Others

Depending on where you live, you will either see mobile betting as a convenience or a necessity. Those in big nations will see this as a convenience. Rather than using a high street bookmaker or computer, they can access UK licensed bookmakers via their mobile phone.

These people don’t need mobile betting, but thanks to it, things are convenient and more people will bet because of that.

However, for others around the world, this is their only access to betting and has been key in driving players from other countries to join in. Those in some parts of the world have only just gained access to smartphones, allowing them to bet and computers are something that only a few can afford.

Mobile technology has taken betting to countries where it has never been before, and opened the doors for bookmakers to sell their service in those regions.

How Technology is Helping with Other Aspects of Betting

Getting betting into countries around the world is not the only area where technology has really helped the betting industry.

We are seeing huge new advancements, with things such as in play betting and live streaming really coming to the fore.

Money is being spent here due to competition within the industry, bookmakers are doing all they can to show they are the best.

The two advancements mentioned mean that people can watch live action on a betting site, such as the upcoming England cricket tour of Sri Lanka, and they can also bet during the game too.

You can expect the betting industry to keep moving forward with things like this, as bookmakers look to find and create things that can set them apart from their competition.



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