Case Erector
Case Erector

The manufacturing industry is an ultra-competitive one. Factories are under pressure to produce a certain number of goods at the best quality possible. The manufacturers that can meet demand and supply usually end up controlling the market.

This competition drives many companies to seek the most innovative way to operate their production process. No doubt, a business is there to make a profit, after all. That being said, any equipment used must be both efficient and cost-effective, and a case erector is one reliable tool to incorporate into your operations. This article offers four reasons why.

1. It helps maintain consistent quality.

Manual input in the production line comes with its errors. This includes the inability to maintain consistency over time. The other is the failure to maintain identical standards of quality for bulk production. The importance of this cuts across all industries, but it’s more critical in ones that require precision, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

There are high-powered organizations like the John Arnold Foundation questioning the integrity of certain therapies. Therefore, the need to maintain consistency in the quality of all drugs produced can’t be overstated. For generic drugs, this is critical, as they must match the quality of originals. An automatic packaging machine reduces the exposure time of drugs. This maintains their integrity. Medicine can also be packed in consistently apt designated cases. This ultimately increases shelf life.

2. It offers reduced investment of time and money.



Automation markedly cuts down your labor costs. That’s why many manufacturing companies invest a huge amount of money in the packaging process. If not, they’ll have to recruit skilled technicians with the requisite expertise. This will be hectic and experimental, as more often than not, such professionals are extremely hard to find.

The alternative is to spend time and money training staff on the job. However, increased yield means having to go through this same grueling process to get more manpower. Fortunately, in recent years, the field of robotics has become a mainstay. All you need is a high-quality setup of packaging automation with case erectors. This will meet your needs better and help you save much needed resources.

3. It offers packaging versatility.



Generally speaking, many manufacturers tend to produce various kinds of goods. A single product line can sometimes come in different designs. To meet design criteria for all the variations, you’ll need to hire highly skilled staff that includes designers, packagers, and instructors. This comes with high costs.

A standard automatic case erector solves this problem, as it offers multiple packaging solutions. A skilled technician that’s well versed in such devices will simply have to carry out the right programming on the equipment. Once done, you’re assured of whatever specifications you desire. The machine can even be programmed to the preferred material, whether it’s paper, plastic, or even nylon.

4. It offers a consistent and reliable delivery.



One common limitation of relying on human labor is managing the unpredictable. Anything can happen to a key member of staff. He or she may fall sick, get pregnant, or be involved in an accident. There’s also the possibility of the individual changing jobs with little or no notice. Getting a replacement, especially within a short space of time, is Herculean, if not impossible.

In the manufacturing industry, there’s a lot of pressure to meet demand and consistency. Losing a member of staff can bring the entire production process to a grinding halt. Luckily, a case erector machine offers reliability and peace of mind. You simply have to carry out the required periodic maintenance for case packers and also handle the machine with care and apt expertise. It’s also important to use the right accessories. With this, you’re assured years of efficient production.


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