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The coming business year looks diverse in comparison to the last few quarters. With things turned on their head in terms of the world economy, we thought it high time we researched the best business ideas to place your money into, in 2021.

The Top 7 Business Ideas in Cape Town

We won’t spend time speculating, we’ll just jump straight in.

1 – Start a Tender Business

This year, Cape Town tenders seem to be the next big thing. Bidding on contracts from the public and private sector allows you to earn in the process. If you can do it well? You could make a tidy sum by tendering out government contracts, working for high end corporations, and other such business.

2 – Become an online assistant

Many people all over the world are now turning to the internet for inspiration. If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can be someone’s online office assistant and work with multinational corporations, all over the world. Online assistants earn by the hour, so the more you work, the more you earn.

3 – Become a Consultant

If you have any experience in any industry whatsoever, you could theoretically consult on how to do it better. What starts with you giving business advice could grow to incorporate other consultants for other business types. Get an agency together and you could be earning a small processing fee for each time one of your agents is used. When done correctly, consultancy work can become very lucrative indeed.

4 – What about Tutoring?

How about becoming a tutor? Online courses cost a pittance to create and they could lighten your workload by a lot. Pre-recorded lessons could be combined with one-on-one time, to make an all-round tuition package that helps those new to your sector to find their feet. Tutoring could apply to businesses, students, or a combination of either.

5 – Takeaway Food

If you have a bit of cash to invest and you don’t know where to spend it, South African’s should be looking to the west and seeing what is happening with regards to Covid-19. If it hits hard here, there could be the same economic impact. With restaurants suddenly brought to a halt, takeaway food was the big winner. Something to consider if you have the capital.

6 – App Development

From now until the day we die, apps will be needed for everything we do online. If you can dream it up, there will be people willing to buy it. Looking to retrain and start a new business in 2021? Learn how to design apps and you will be onto a winner.

7 – Become an Affiliate Marketer

Renting a website and partnering with other businesses in your niche can make you millions. People have already become millionaires by buying their own site, using it as an entertainment platform, then affiliating with big brand names and letting the cash roll in.

8 – Manufacturing Company

There are several small-scale manufacturing company ideas that may be turned into a successful and sustainable business. There is a market for you whether you are interested in the automotive, electronics, medical, fashion, or other industries. Laser engraving machines are among the greatest pieces of equipment you can buy for your manufacturing company.


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