Nedbank's super app Avo

Nedbank’s super app Avo, launched during the national lockdown height, is slowly gaining traction as more customers signed up to use its services.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, which created challenges for many clients in accessing essential services such as healthcare and home repair services, Nedbank launched its innovative super app Avo.

The is a one-stop super app enabling clients to buy essential products and services online and have them delivered to their home, with payment via the Nedbank digital wallet.

Nedbank first launched the Avo ‘super app’ in June 2020, offering customers and broader South African consumers access to online shopping, essential services, and financial products.

“Since its launch in app stores on 19 June 2020, Avo has signed up more than 145 000 customers, along with over 5 000 businesses registering and offering their products and services on this e-commerce platform,” the banking group disclosed on Wednesday.

The Avo is a combined marketplace app that integrates a bunch of shopping options into one app. This includes the ability to order essential goods and food with OneCart, home entertainment shopping, and access to home service providers.

Restaurants and selected liquor outlets will very soon be able to sign up on Avo Business. With a wholly integrated and comprehensive last-mile delivery service, Avo is set to become the default choice for these businesses wanting to digitise. This is a real turnkey solution for progressive businesses.

Ease of access to financial products is central to Avo’s value creation philosophy. Getting those must-have items are no longer out of reach, with the seamless ‘Get it on credit option at checkout. All purchases with a value of R2 000 or more will now be available on credit to eligible customers on checkout.

Scaling through strategic partnerships will remain the cornerstone of Avo’s growth strategy. All partners benefit from the platform’s core features while focusing on their unique strengths and business strategy, bringing incremental value to the entire network.


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