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E-commerce company Wish has announced a strategic partnership with the South African Post Office (SAPO) to strengthen its logistics capabilities and customer experience for South African consumers.

Wish will be working directly with SAPO to create a more consistent and efficient experience for the customers in South Africa, the US company said in a statement.

The benefits will include:

      • Average 50%+ faster transit times
      • End to end tracking visibility and delivery confirmation
      • Customers to receive bundled shipments for multiple items
      • SMS and physical notifications on deliveries awaiting collection

“Our mission at Wish is to democratize e-commerce and make it affordable, accessible and open to all by constantly improving product, process and technology,” Thomas Chuang, Vice President of Operations at Wish said.


“The South African market is an important one for the business and our partnership with SAPO will help us to provide faster time to door by 50% or more. This is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience and satisfaction and will enable us to better serve our customers in this market.”

Through this collaborative partnership, a first of its kind for SAPO, both partners aim to provide a streamlined and efficient cross border logistics experience to the global e-commerce giant’s growing user base in the region.

“The South African Post Office is staying relevant to the latest e-commerce trends and has improved its tracking system with the implementation of the capability to track international parcels. This empowers customers to track items from dispatch to delivery,” Sekano Kgalanyane, head of Logistics at SAPO, said.

“The text message application, which informs customers that their parcels is ready for collection, is automated and customers are constantly made aware to collect items when ready for collection. A fleet of more than 1000 vehicles and outlets across South Africa ensure that parcels rapidly reach their destination.”

Kgalanyane adds that owing to the Covid pandemic, more people are relying on marketplaces like Wish for their needs. This requires consistent delivery services which depend on close collaboration between the marketplaces and the Post.

“We are confident that we will be able to provide a faster, high-quality service to customers throughout South African Post.”

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wish is one of the largest and fastest-growing global e-commerce platforms, connecting millions of value-conscious consumers in over 100 countries to more than half a million merchants around the world.


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