Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide and Essential Tips

Apex Legends
Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide and Essential Tips

Launched in 2019, Apex Legends quickly rose to prominence in the gaming world with players trooping in to feel out this battle royale’s new release.

The characters you can use in this game are called legends and all possess special abilities. Although this game has some semblance with battle royale’s gameplay and controls, there is still a lot to learn when it comes to playing Apex Legends because it has its unique characters and weapons.

While shooting and looting are still the main focus in the game, you will need a little more than that to progress. Tactics and strategy are needed for you to win the game. Newbies will find this guide quite helpful as you’ll find tricks that can make you a better Apex Legend player.

Study the Legends

There were originally 8 legends when the game launched in 2019 but 5 more legends have since been added to bring the total to 12.

While it might be difficult to know all there is to these 12 legends, getting the basics of how each legend plays, their strongest points, and weaknesses will give you an edge against your opponents.

You will know how to use them better and even how to defend against any legend your opponent might be using.

Loot Strategically

You’re going to loot a lot if you must stand any chance in this game. But looting without a plan wouldn’t help you either because there is only a limited amount of loot you can carry. You want to make sure you carry the most important supplies.

Make sure you take a lot of ammo; you don’t want to keep running out of ammo after fighting one enemy. Also, stock up on protective gears like your shield that protects you from taking damages.

Packs that replenish your shield are more important than packs that replenish your health. This is because your shield takes the hit first before your health and if you can keep it up, you can protect your health.

Communicate with Your Teammates

You can communicate with your teammates by pinging enemy locations, loot locations, and any helpful point to your teammates. This will allow your teammates to also amass loot for their use.

Spreading the loot will ensure your teammates can buy essentials and also have supplies to use when in need.

Revive Your Teammates       

This game is played in groups of 3 and you’ll be at a significant advantage if one or more of your teammates are killed.

Apex Legend allows you to revive a teammate if you can pick up their legend banner after they have been killed. Bear in mind you have only 90 seconds to pick it up.

If you have their legend banner, you can go to a re-spawn beacon location to revive them.

Don’t Move Far Away from Your Teammates

Just like in any squad game, staying close to your teammates is best. You don’t want to be cut far away from them because then you cannot receive backup when you’re being attacked. It is also easier for enemies to overpower you.

Move around together and combine abilities to overcome even the toughest of enemies. Moving far away would also make it impossible for your squad to revive you when you die as they only have 90 seconds to pick up your banner.

Craft Your Weapon

Crafting which was just newly introduced allows players to build their weapons using a replicator. While you can get weapons and supplies by looting, crafting provides an alternative for when loots are scarce and hard to come by. With crafting, you can also make more effective weapons by adding to already existing gear.

Using the replicator opens you up to enemy attacks though, as you’re out in the open.

Know Your Map

The map changes every season, but during the season it remains unchanged and this is when you want to know where everything is on the map.

Places like the re-spawn beacon can be important when trying to revive teammates. You also want to know possible loot locations to restock and places to find a replicator to build your weapons.

Studying the map will give you an edge and help you move better.


Although frowned upon by sections of gamers, cheats can be an effective way for beginners to enjoy the game. Things like Apex Legends cheat to stay undetected can help you move around stealthily while taking out enemies.



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