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Casino War is based on the game of ‘War’ and is distributed by Shuffle Master, a division of Scientific Games. It is one of the few card games where the players can defeat the dealer more than half the time.

Understanding Casino War

While Casino War may be an easy game to play, you should understand what happens when it’s played. Let’s get into it:

  1. Before the start of the first round of play, the dealer will remove the first card from the shoe face down without revealing it to anyone. He will then place it in the discard pile.
  2. Prior to the dealing of cards, the dealer will announce when there are ‘no more bets.’
  3. After the dealing procedures, the dealer will proceed in comparing the rank of the cards of each player around the table in a clockwise direction.
  4. If your card is lower than the dealer’s, you’ll lose your primary wager.
  5. If your card is higher, you’ll win your primary wager.
  6. All primary wagers and tie wagers that are lost will be gathered by the dealer.
  7. If the result is a tie, you will have two choices: surrender and lose half of the bet or go to war.
  8. If you choose to surrender, the dealer will collect half of your primary wager and will return the remaining half of the primary wager to you.
  9. If you choose to go to war, you are required to place a war wager that is equal to your primary bet.
  10. The dealer will collect the cards after settling all primary wagers of players on the original deal, except for the ones who have a tie hand and chose to go to war.
  11. If you choose to make a war wager when a tie hand occurs, the dealer will confirm the placement and collect the full amount of your primary wager.
  12. During the war deal, the dealer will discard three burn cards. Your war deal card will be placed adjacent to your original deal card.
  13. The dealer will then proceed around the table in a clockwise direction for the players who have placed a war wager.
  14. After that, the dealer will compare his card to your cards.
  15. You lose if your card is lower than the dealer’s card. You’ll win the three units you wagered if your card is higher than the dealer’s card. If both your card and the dealer’s card are of the same rank, you’ll win the three units you wagered and an additional unit.

Casino War rules

Just like any game, Casino War also has a set of rules. Here’s what you should be familiar with, so you’ll know what to expect during the game:

  • The game is played with six 52-card decks.
  • The game requires a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 players.
  • Its cards are ranked similar to Poker, but the Aces are always high.
  • When the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, the player wins.
  • You lose if the dealer’s card is higher than yours.
  • If you have made the tie bet but did not tie with the dealer, you will lose the bet.
  • If you tie, you’ll receive a payout of 10x your ante bet.
  • If you surrender, you’ll have half of your bet back.
  • The player’s and dealer’s card must remain in display during the War deal.
  • Any player who has chosen to go to war will be offered to place a tie wager on the war deal.
  • Players are not allowed to touch any card except for the cutting card.

Casino War payout

  • If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, the payout is 1:1.
  • If the first cards of the player and dealer have the same rank, the raise bet pays 10:1.
  • If the player chooses war and both the player and dealer get cards that have the same rank, the raise bet is 3:1.
  • Betting on a tie bet pays 10:1.

Casino War house edge

There’s a slightly higher advantage for the house when you decide to surrender after a bonus payout was offered. It’s best to not surrender at all because if you opt to surrender, the house edge also increases.

The dealer and you each have a 46.3% chance of winning on the first card. This seems like a fair game but the house advantage is derived from what happens during a tie situation. With the number of decks in play, the house advantage increases and decreases in casinos that offer a bonus payout. Usually, the house advantage is over 2%.

If you choose war, the house edge is 2.8%, and when you choose to surrender, the house edge is 3.7%.

Here is a table that shows the Casino War game’s house edge depending on the number of decks, bonuses, and if you choose to surrender or play the tie bet:

Decks With bonus Without bonus Surrender Tie 
1 2.06% 2.42% 2.94% 35.29%
2 2.24% 2.70% 3.40% 25.24%
3 2.29% 2.79% 3.55% 21.94%
4 2.31% 2.84% 3.62% 20.29%
5 2.32% 2.86% 3.67% 19.31%
6 2.33% 2.88% 3.70% 18.65%
7 2.34% 2.89% 3.72% 18.18%
8 2.34% 2.90% 3.73% 17.83%

Important terms in Casino War

There are important game terms used during the Casino War game, so make sure to learn them so you’ll know what they mean.

Burn card

A Burn card is a card that was removed from the shoe by the dealer and placed face down in the discard rack without showing its value to the players.

Primary wager

The primary wager is the wager that a player must place before any cards are dealt.

Original deal

The original deal refers to the first card that was dealt to each player and the dealer in order to know the primary wager during a round of play.

Tie hand

Tie hand means that the rank of a player’s card and dealer’s card are equal.

Tie wager

The tie wager is an optional wager. It is a deal that predicts the result will be a tie hand.


War refers to the decision of a player to go to ‘war.’ When a player chooses to put a War Wager when a tie hand arises, the dealer will confirm if the wager is placed before placing additional cards.

War deal

War deal is the deal of the cards that follow a war wager.

War wager

War wager is equal in amount to the primary wager of the player. This is required to be placed if the player decides to go to war.

Tips when playing Casino War games

Do not surrender so easily

When the round of play results in a tie, you will have two options: surrender or go to war. Your chances of winning at Casino War games are higher if you don’t surrender because when you quit, you immediately will lose half of your wager. When you go to war, the house edge will be reduced to 2.8%, which is a lot lower compared to 3.7% when you choose to surrender.

Look out for Aces

The Ace has the highest value in the game. Once you get it, you are at a win or a tie.

Place smaller wagers

Remember to place limits when wagering during the game. Don’t go over your budget even if you feel that the next hand will be a win for you.

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