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The birth of their child is one of the most important and memorable moments of a parent’s life. After nine months of pregnancy, they anticipate that their baby would be delivered safely and in perfect health condition. But what if a problem during delivery arises and it can be the fault of the medical practitioner? How should this be handled legally?

This is exactly what we want to shed light on, the seriousness of birth injuries and who should be called for legal assistance. Keep reading to know more.

Birth Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Birth injury is one type of medical malpractice. According to statistics, in every 1000 childbirths in the United States, 7 of the newborns suffer from birth injuries — injuries caused mainly by medical malpractices of attending practitioners. It is quite an alarming number, especially when we expect that all health providers are meant to provide care. However, unfortunately, medical malpractice does occur, and most doctors do experience them at least once in their years in the medical field.

Here are some types of birth injuries:

  • Fractures
  • Brain injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Facial Paralysis

If, in any case, your child suffered from a birth injury, or you know someone who did, and it is for sure a result of medical negligence, the first thing you should do is to contact a birth injury lawyer.

What is a birth injury lawyer?

It is best to consult birth injury lawyers first when filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. They are a type of medical malpractice lawyer specializing in birth injuries and have years and years of proven experience in handling cases alike. To ensure that you create a solid case against the medical personnel or institution, have a birth injury lawyer take the lawsuit for you. To understand better, here are the possible causes of birth injuries due to medical malpractice:

  • Improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Failure to medicate the mother properly
  • Missed diagnosis of a potentially serious medical condition for both mother and child

Why hire a birth injury lawyer?

  1. They provide legal advice on what you should do. If you have no idea how to submit a lawsuit for birth injury medical malpractice, your lawyer can guide and advise you on the best measures you should take.
  2. They can help you create a solid case against the defendant. This is to ensure that you have enough grounds to submit a lawsuit.
  3. They can file the lawsuit for you. Your birth injury lawyer can submit the case to court.
  4. They will find evidence that can support your claim. Testimonies from witnesses and other supporting documents like medical records should be collected.
  5. They represent you during negotiations. In case there are legal negotiations, your lawyer can handle it for you and make sure that the settlement favors your case.
  6. They ensure that your family receives appropriate compensation. It is a birth injury lawyer’s responsibility to ensure that you win the lawsuit and receive proper compensation for your expenses and other traumas caused by the incident.
  7. A birth injury lawyer can handle your entire lawsuit from start to finish. With the stress of giving birth already taking a toll on you, plus worrying about your newborn’s health condition, hire someone who can handle all the legal matters for you. Birth injury lawyers in Baltimore can help you file a lawsuit and ensure that you get the justice you deserve. 



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