Cape Town
Cape Town. Image credit: Pixabay

Cape Town or the Mother City has been named as one of the best cities for remote working in the Work-from-Anywhere Index. The index, which attempts to quantify the characteristics that make a city-friendly to remote work, is published by the Berlin-headquartered accommodation rental platform Nestpick.

The study compares and analyzes 75 cities according to 16 diverse factors to create a final ranking based on a total score.

The cities were selected from a list of global locations renowned as popular destinations for relocation and livability, including those who have demonstrated willingness to encourage foreign-employed workers to move there.

The study examines three factors that the authors believe are central to remote work: Costs & Infrastructure, Legislation & Freedoms, Livability.

Cape Town in South Africa is one of only two African cities on the list – ranking 16th ahead of  Los Angeles, New York, Madrid, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

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Nestpick said it encounters millions of users on its accommodation platform seeking a change of location that better matches their work and lifestyle needs. Even before the pandemic, advances in technology and digital connectivity prompted many companies to adopt a work-from-anywhere policy, allowing employees to choose a living/working arrangement that suits them best.

The pandemic has accelerated this trend rapidly over the last 12 months, however, very few countries have enacted legislation designed to attract foreign-employed workers. Instead, they only offer visas to those who take jobs on location, therefore missing the opportunity to bring high-wage earners to their cities without the need to generate new jobs.

To find out more about this phenomenon, Nestpick said decided to investigate which cities are not only the most attractive and welcoming to foreigners, but also have the infrastructure and legislation in place to make it easy for remote employees to live and work there.

“The last year has really proved to many companies that remote-working is not only a possibility, but actually something that can be beneficial to everyone involved. The technology has been available for a while now, but it’s taken seeing it in practice for the idea to really take hold,” comments Omer Kucukdere, Founder and CEO at Nestpick.

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