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South African-founded Revix is bringing simplicity, trust, and excellent customer service to the crypto investment space. The FinTech investment platform with offices in Cape Town and London enables South Africans to invest in a bundle of the top cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, and more.

Revix was founded in 2018 on the principle that everyone should invest their own money and become their wealth manager.

The company’s customer growth has mirrored the exponential rise in the cryptocurrency market, which is valued at over $2 trillion or R29 trillion – making the digital asset class more valuable than Apple.

Sean Sanders, the founder, and CEO of Revix, told TechFinancials in an interview that it is effortless to invest in the company’s platform.

“We have tried to make investing through Revix platform even easier than going to Takealot or some online e-commerce platform,” said Sanders.

You have to sign up for a free account and verify or FICA your identity on the website of Revix.

The process takes 1-2 hours.

After that, you make an R500 minimum deposit at Nedbank or Standard Bank to your crypto wallet.

Then make your first investment in one of Revix’s products and sell out at any time.

What’s more, you also get to earn points that you can redeem for bitcoin by investing, completing tasks, and inviting friends.

Revix products

  • Top Ten Bundle

Revix’s products include a bundle like the S&P 500 and JSE Top-40 index for crypto, enabling you to invest across the top crypto assets at a low cost in just a few clicks.

These bundle gives you exposure to the top 10 cryptocurrencies as majored by market capitalisation.

This bundle is ideal for anyone wanting to effortlessly diversify across the leading cryptocurrencies with just a single investment.

It covers more than 85% of the total crypto market, enabling you to closely track the crypto asset class’s overall performance.

This bundle is ideal for anyone wanting to diversify their holdings across the leading cryptocurrencies without the effort of buying, storing, and rebalancing them independently.

  • The smart contract bundle

This theme-based bundle tracks the cryptocurrencies that aim to revolutionise how supply chains and trading networks operate through smart contracts.

If you believe in a future interconnected, automated, and decentralised, this bundle is for you.

This theme-based bundle allows you to passively invest in the equally-weighted performance of the five largest smart contracts enabled cryptocurrencies like Ether, EOS or Tron.

  • The payment bundle

The payment bundle tracks the top 5 cryptocurrencies that are looking to revolutionise money and how value is transferred.

If you believe in a future where decentralised, global digital currencies can be transferred across continents instantaneously, then this bundle is for you.

This theme-based bundle provides exposure to cryptocurrencies looking to make digital payments cheaper, faster, and more global.

Revix also offers the following bundles: Bitcoin, Ethereum, PAX Gold and plans to launch crypto savings products.

Sign-up today at Revix using the promocode “MOVE” and get R100 worth of bitcoin deposited straight into your account after your first successful investment; do not be left behind, invest in a Bundle today. T&Cs’ apply.

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