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Revix, a FinTech investment platform with offices in Cape Town and London, plans to launch its mobile application in two months.

The startup uses some of the R58.5 million it raised from an off-shore capital funding to build its app.

“We are launching our mobile app in two months, which is quite exciting,” Sean Sanders, the founder and CEO of Revix, told TechFinancials in an interview.

The launch of the mobile app comes at a time when the company’s platform is gaining traction.

Sanders said the platform has more than 22 000 customers and is growing fast.

Revix was founded in 2018 on the principle that everyone should invest their own money and become their wealth manager

Revix’s customer growth has mirrored the exponential rise in the cryptocurrency market, which is valued at over $2 trillion – making the digital asset class more valuable than Apple.

Revix’s funds received from the off-shore capital funding have also been used to hire more people, said Sanders.

This is proof that regulating cryptocurrencies in South Africa can offer employment opportunities and long-term economic growth.

“We increased headcount by 100%, and before the end of the year, we should have another 50% of that capability or capacity,” Sanders explains.

“That would be a 200% increase from the start of the year, in terms of the total number of employees.”

Revix brings simplicity, trust, and excellent customer service to the crypto investment space by letting anyone create a diversified portfolio or bundle of the world’s top cryptocurrencies. Also read: How To Easily Invest In The World’s Top Ten Cryptocurrencies Through Revix Platform?

It is a FinTech platform that makes investing simple, engaging, and automated, allowing anyone to invest in emerging themes, sectors, and asset classes.

Sanders said Revix was the first investment platform in South Africa to offer a behavioural loyalty and rewards programme.

Customers can earn points that can be redeemed for Bitcoin.

Sanders said this encourages anyone to undertake intelligent investment decisions.

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