New Prego Ad Takes Mickey Out Of ‘Decuplets’


Was it a record 10 or 11 babies? The number really doesn’t matter because it was a fake story that Nandos is not letting anyone forget.

The new Nandos Prego and Chips ad takes the mickey out of the decuplets fable.

Weeks after the incredible fable did the rounds, the mother of the imaginary babies was understandably sent to have her head read.

When matters came to a head, the so-called hubby stopped taking donations – but that was after he scored one million rand from the owner of Pretoria News, Dr. Iqbal Survé.

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With no retraction, the doctor can’t possibly ask for his money back, and he most likely wants to forget the whole episode.

But Nandos ain’t letting go.

It’s been a while since the record births, but one doesn’t want to be sued by being exact. When Nandos talks about the “Ekurhuleni 11” many assume they mean the “Tembisa 10”.

There is no doubt the Nandos new advert pokes fun at the worst piece of SA journalism in living memory.

“As you can see South Africa is riddled with scams and fake news,” is the opening line.

“Like this story, that happened in a place called Ekurhuleni of a couple who announced that they are expecting 11 babies.

“Eleven kids, that’s unaffordable.

“So South Africans from all over gave money and gifts for what will forever be known as the Ekurhuleni 11.

“It soon became apparent that there was some trickery up for it because no one had actually seen the babies

“South Africa you can’t afford to believe fake news, but you can afford the Nandos Prego and Chips for R49 … no scams just nje.”

Back in the day when newspapers carried authentic news such a story would never have seen the light of day in print – unless it was an April Fool’s prank.

But the 123-year-old Pretoria News refuses to give up on its fable. The paper has even hired a lawyer to delve into the mystery of the camera-shy decuplets.

Check out the video below.



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